Saturn Full Moon conjunction, no-cook recipes, strawberries

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Daily Newsletter for Wednesday, June 27, 2018

rowing at night

Raised are the dripping oars,
Silent the boat! the lake,
Lovely and soft as a dream,
Swims in the sheen of the moon
–Matthew Arnold (1822-88)

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Tonight! Saturn Meets Full Moon

Saturn at Its Brightest—Next to the Full Strawberry Moon on Wednesday
It’s a truly extraordinary conjunction. Saturn reaches opposition—shining at its biggest and brightest for the whole year—next to the Full Strawberry Moon on Wednesday night. It’s cool, it’s amazing, it’s in-your-face, and it happens Wednesday, June 27. 
Dragonfly Wooden Night Lights

These highly intricate and detailed night lights were carved with a laser. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Each shade consists of 4 pieces of wood held together with interlocking finger joints. The best part is that the shade hides the bulb, even when viewed from the side. Made in the USA.
The June Full Moon Guide

Full Moon for June 2020
June’s full Moon rises on Friday, June 5! Find out more about the Strawberry Moon, including when to see it and how it got its peculiar name.
Oversized Wooden Matches

Each gorgeous matchbox contains approximately 50 wooden matches with color-coordinated tips. New designs and old favorites available.
Harvesting Strawberries

If you plan to enter the world of growing fruit, strawberries are one of the easiest fruit to grow and great for beginners. Plus, homegrown strawberries are far more flavorful than what you’ll ever find in a grocery store. Why? The sugar in berries converts to starch soon after it’s picked. Learn more about growing strawberries in the home garden.  
Glass Sun Catchers

Lots of colors and designs to choose from!
No-Cook Summer Recipes

10 Best No-Cook Recipes
Don’t feel like cooking after a hot or hectic day? Check out these no-cook recipes. From cool soups to protein-rich salads to sandwich suppers, none of these recipes will have you heating up the oven (or, yourself).
Pigs At Play Indoor/Outdoor Metal Sign

Proudly made on Bainbridge Island, Washington!
Wild Strawberry Tarts

Wild Strawberry & Garden Rosemary Tarts
The family and I headed out for an after-dinner walk the other night. We had started down the driveway and were making our way along the field when someone keenly spied the mother load. Our field was surprisingly filled with sweet, red, wild strawberries perfect for the pickin’ and eatin’—and making strawberry and rosemary tarts!
Vern Ader's Weed Spinner

Finally, it’s fun and easy to weed!  What’s more, dandelions don’t stand a chance! The Weed Spinner is an innovative drill-driven weed removal bit that spins out weeds and their roots in one whirling motion.The action is fast and the result is very satisfying! What’s more, there’s no kneeling, bending, or getting your hands dirty.