Less severe winter expected, best baking apples, black box

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Daily Newsletter for Wednesday, September 5, 2018


’Tis the last rose of summer 
Left blooming alone; 
All her lovely companions 
Are faded and gone: 
No flower of her kindred, 
No rose-bud is nigh, 
To reflect back her blushes, 
Or give sigh for sigh

–Thomas Moore (1779–1852)

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
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Less Severe Winter Expected

Less Severe Winter Weather Expected in 2018–2019
For those who dread extreme wintry weather, we have some good news! For the 2018–2019 winter, The Old Farmer’s Almanac—North America’s oldest, most popular almanac—says the winter temperatures will be less severe in most of the United States this year.
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Legend of the Black Box

The Legend of the Black Box and The Old Farmer's Almanac Weather Forecasts
The secret to our weather forecasts has been speculated on for some time. Is weather folklore the secret? Here’s a fun little video that answers that question.
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Growing Sweet Potatoes

Growing Sweet Potatoes
One vegetable that I love but had never grown before this year is the sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are tropical vegetables, so usually grown in southern states.
Healing Stone Wind Chimes

Enjoy the soothing sounds of wind chimes precision-tuned to complement the natural properties of their gemstones. Choose from amethyst, jade, or turquoise.


Cucumber-Mint Dressing

Cucumber-Mint Salad Dressing

This refreshing recipe for Cucumber-Mint Salad Dressing is best when made in a food processor. Serve it over chilled romaine and cherry tomatoes or with cut up veggies.

Animal Track Trivets

Functional and decorative, our trivet features the footprints of moose, deer, bear, wolf, and cougar. Trivet measures almost 8 inches in diameter and is laser-cut from high-quality birch plywood. 

Best Apples for Cooking

Best Apples for Baking and Cooking
Not all apples are ideal for cooking! Below is a chart with some of the best apples for baking and cooking—from apple pies and apple crisp to applesauce and cider.
Art Glass Bird Garden Stakes, Set of 3

“These are the cutest little glass birds I’ve ever seen. They will look gorgeous in a flower pot and/or just in a flower bed or in the middle of some flowers or near a shrub. These are beautiful, you won’t go wrong purchasing them.” –Nancy H. from Ohio