Woolly worms, Grandparents Day, 3 scrumptious breakfast recipes

Daily Newsletter for Friday, September 7, 2018

september rain

O sweet September rain!
I hear it fall upon the garden beds,
Freshening the blossoms which begin to wane.

–Mortimer Collins (1827–76)

Friday, September 7, 2018
250th day of the year

Julie Kavner (actress) was born on this day in 1951.
Gregory Mcdonald (author) died on this day in 2008.

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Woolly Worm Weather Predictors

Woolly Bear Caterpillars and Weather Prediction
The woolly bear caterpillar—also called woolly worm and fuzzy worm—has the reputation of being able to forecast the coming winter weather. Whether this is fact or folklore, learn more about this legendary caterpillar and how to “read” the worm.


Doctor’s Discovery: “Virtually Every Age Related Issue Was Linked To This”

World-famous doctor who says he has a 5-Step method for more energy, a slimmer body, and perhaps even a longer lifespan.
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How to Compost

The Perfect Compost Recipe | How to Get Your Compost Heap Cooking!
Compost is the very best food you can give to the plants in your garden. However, making really great compost requires the right mix of ingredients. This video demonstrates how to mix greens and browns with air and moisture to produce good compost.
Animal Track Trivets

Functional and decorative, our trivet features the footprints of moose, deer, bear, wolf, and cougar. Trivet measures almost 8 inches in diameter and is laser-cut from high-quality birch plywood. 
How to Store Veggies

How to Store Vegetables
 Although most houses these days are not equipped with root cellars, you can probably modify some space in your cellar or garage for storing vegetables.
The 2019 Old Farmer's Almanac ☼ Hardcover Collector's Edition

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Grandparents Day on Sunday

Grandparents Day 2019
Grandparents Day is always celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Take the time to honor your grandparents with these ideas!
The 2019 Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Calendar

Facts, folklore, proverbs, and puzzles!
3 Breakfast Recipes

3 Scrumptious Breakfast Recipes
On weekends, take your time and enjoy some breakfast goodness. Whether French toast, omelets, or waffles, these are a nice change from cold cereal.
Healing Stone Wind Chimes

Enjoy the soothing sounds of wind chimes precision-tuned to complement the natural properties of their gemstones. Choose from amethyst, jade, or turquoise.