Ponytail palm, best sleeping position, poor man's cake

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Daily Newsletter for Monday, February 25, 2019

spring's awakening

Ye noble few! who here unbending stand
Beneath life's pressure, yet bear up awhile,
And what your bounded view, which only saw
A little part, deem'd evil is no more:
The storms of Wintry time will quickly pass,
And one unbounded Spring encircle all.

–James Thomson (1700–48)

Monday, February 25, 2019
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Ponytail Palms

Ponytail Palms
Ponytail palms are a unique-looking, long-lived indoor plant that thrives on benign neglect. They are very easy to grow, provided you don’t overwater them! Here’s how to grow and care for a ponytail palm in your home.
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Make Biodegradable Pots

How to Make Biodegradable Garden Pots
If you’re thinking about planting lots of seeds, make biodegradable seed pots. They’re easy to make and they can be transplanted right into the ground when the time comes. Plus, they’re economical! See our video on how to make the seed pots—plus, we’ve included accompanying text instructions.


Love the flavor of heirloom tomatoes?

Try our new Purple Boy Hybrid tomato! It has all the flavor of the beloved heirloom, Cherokee Purple, in a vigorous disease resistant plant!

Poor Man's Cake

Poor Man's Cake

An old-fashioned dessert that was especially popular in the 1930s, Poor Man’s Cake is sometimes known as Depression Cake.

Pine Cone Votive Candleholders

Set of 4 candleholders that each measure 4 inches by 4 inches!

Best Sleeping Position

What Is The Best Sleeping Position?
Find out how your sleeping position affects your health and how to sleep better in a healthy sleeping position.
Pewter Earrings

Handmade in Vermont. Choose from dragonflies, butterflies, and hearts!

Chickens in the Snow

Keeping Chickens Happy in the Snow
Chickens love to go outside during the day, romping in the sun when it’s up. Chickens, do, however hate snow. In northern climates where the snow does fly, this requires a bit of planning on the part of the chicken farmer.
Iron Pig Doorstop

Makes a nice doorstop or decoration. Measures 4 inches by 8 inches.