Winter pruning and weed prevention, Irish oatmeal scones, auroras

Daily Newsletter for Friday, March 15, 2019


The little white clouds are racing over the sky,
And the fields are strewn with the gold of the flower of March,
The daffodil breaks under foot, and the tasseled larch
Sways and swings as the thrush goes hurrying by
–Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)

Friday, March 15, 2019
74th day of the year

Ry Cooder (guitarist & composer) was born on this day in 1947.
Ron Silver (actor) died on this day in 2009.

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Pruning and Weed Prevention

10 Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Yard
No matter your weather, this is peak time for spring yard cleanup! From pruning to crabgrass prevention, here are 10 tips to cover all you need to know now. There’s a right way to care for your yard, lawn, and garden beds.


How To Fix Your Fatigue And Get More Energy

There are 3 so called “super foods” that might be draining your energy, making you fatigued, causing you to gain weight, and lowering your metabolism. Watch The Video.
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Stunning Designs for Small Gardens

Garden Designs for Small Spaces
If your garden is smaller than you’d like, there are a number of clever design techniques that you can use to make the most out of every inch!  Whether you have a balcony or rooftop garden or simply live in a home with a small garden space, there are so many great ideas. We’ll show you!
Never Fish Alone Socks

Dog silhouette designs repeated throughout!
Auroras Near Spring

What Are the Northern Lights?
The aurora borealis (or northern lights) is one of nature’s most dazzling events. Shimmering curtains of color waft in the night air. Huge arcs and pillars of color dance and float through the dark.
Train Toothfairy Box

Makes a great gift for a young family. Made in Vermont from 100% lead-free pewter.
Irish Oatmeal Scones

Irish Oatmeal Scones

We’ve got the perfect accompaniment for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner. These Irish Oatmeal Scones are a delicious treat with a simple and subtle flavor.

Ladybug Tooth Fairy Box

Makes a great gift for a young family. Made in Vermont from 100% lead-free pewter.
Listen to the Eastern Bluebird

Bird Sounds: Eastern Bluebird
You may know the sweet little bluebird from many popular songs, books, and movies, such as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from the Wizard of Oz. Learn more about this good friend to gardeners and listen to the sounds of the Eastern Bluebird.
Ode to a Cow Almanac Wooden Sign

This poem was originally printed in The 1936 Old Farmer’s Almanac. Its inspirational advice is still relevant for today’s busy lifestyles.