Full Pink Moon rises!, Easter and the Paschal full Moon, brisket

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Daily Newsletter for Thursday, April 18, 2019

thrush in spring

This is the time we dock the night
Of a whole hour of candlelight;
When song of linnet and thrush is heard—
And love stirs in the heart of a bird

–Katharine Tynan (1861–1931)


Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Pink Moon Rises!

Full Moon for April 2020
April’s full Moon rises on the night of Tuesday, April 7. Traditionally called the Pink Moon, this full Moon will also be a spectacular supermoon! Here’s everything you should know about the Moon this month, including facts, folklore, and Moon phase dates.
Easter and the Paschal Moon

Easter and the Paschal Full Moon
Did you know that the date of Easter—April 12 this year—is tied to the full Moon and the March equinox? Let us explain this curious connection …
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What is a Lily?

Lily Flowers: Will the Real Lily Please Stand Up?
Lily flowers are magnificent plants that command attention wherever they are planted. Add some majesty to your garden with Asiatic or Oriental Lilies.
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Passover Brisket

Classic Beef Brisket

In a Jewish family, a brisket is the center of the holiday table. In Texas, a brisket would go on the grill.

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Italian Easter Bread

Italian Easter Bread With Dyed Eggs

With its pretty dyed eggs tucked inside, this Italian Easter Bread is not only delicious but also makes a beautiful edible centerpiece!  

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