Father's Day Full Moon, raspberry-rhubarb pie, peony care tips, cabbage worm

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Daily Newsletter for Sunday, June 9, 2019


Paula is digging and shaping the loam of a salvia,
Scarlet Chinese talker of summer.
Two petals of crabapple blossom blow fallen in Paula's hair
And fluff of white from a cottonwood
–Carl Sandburg (1878–1902)

Sunday, June 9, 2019
160th day of the year

Johnny Depp (actor) was born on this day in 1963.
Adam West (actor) died on this day in 2017.

Father's Day and Full Moon

Father's Day 2020
Father’s Day 2020 is Sunday, June 21! This Father’s Day brings: a Full Moon, a great day for fishing, and a visit from the King of Planets, Jupiter. What a night! Find out more about Father’s Day history, 10 amazing recipes for Dad, plus a few great quotes for a Father’s Day card. We’ve got you covered!


Tired of Too Many Lawn Tasks and Not Having the Right Equipment?

It’s Spring and time to take care of the many lawn projects that await you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a single reliable power source that accepts multiple attachments to tackle all sorts of jobs? ECHO’s Pro Attachment Series(TM) is the answer.
Protect Against Cabbage Worms

Protect Your Garden from Cabbage Worms
Cabbage worms can be devastating to an otherwise-healthy garden. Here are a few things you might not know about these garden pests, as well as several ways to keep your plants safe from them. Remember: knowledge is power!
The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac

Detailed weather forecasts for the entire U.S., gardening and growing, food and recipes, astronomy, tides, home remedies, trends, handy tips, history, plus lots of humor—what’s not to like?  
Peony Care Tips

How to Grow Peonies: Peony Care Tips
One of the most magnificent mainstays of the garden is the common herbaceous peony (Paeonia lactiflora). Peonies plants are virtually pest-free; deer and rabbits don’t like its bitter taste. And peonies in containers can be planted almost any time! 
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New! Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie

Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie

When rhubarb is in season, pie comes to mind.

Vermont Weather Station

Measures temperature and humidity with an easy-to-read scale. Available in both brass and copper. A handsome and practical addition to your kitchen window.
Poison Oak Vs. Poison Ivy

Poison Oak: Identification and Treatment
“Leaves of three, let it be!” “Hairy vine, no friend of mine!” Learn how to spot poison oak, tell the difference between poison oak and poison ivy, and treat a poison oak rash. 
Bird Feeders

Many designs to choose from that are sure to attract lots of activity!