Making homemade ice cream, mosquito-repelling plants, the thrush's song

Daily Newsletter for Monday, June 24, 2019

water lily
Now summer is in flower and nature's hum 
Is never silent round her sultry bloom 
Insects as small as dust are never done 
Wi' glittering dance and reeling in the sun 
And green wood fly and blossom haunting bee 
Are never weary of their melody

–John Clare (1793–1864)

Monday, June 24, 2019
175th day of the year

Mick Fleetwood (musician) was born on this day in 1942.
Eli Wallach (actor) died on this day in 2014.

Farmer's Market Tote Bag
Make Homemade Ice Cream

How to Make Old-Fashioned Ice Cream
Learn how to make homemade old-fashioned ice cream by making it yourself in a hand-crank freezer, plus learn all about the history of ice cream and find some great ice cream recipes.


This Toxic Vegetable Is The #1 Danger In Your Diet

This vegetable could be toxic to your health and may actually be causing weight gain, digestive issues, brain fog, and fatigue.
Avoiding Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew
Wondering about that white fungus on your plants? The fungal disease powdery mildew affects a wide variety of plants and takes away a plant’s nutrients. This causes the plant to bloom less and become weaker.
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Tomato Plant Care

Enjoy our tomato-growing page covering planting through harvesting—and even tomato recipes!
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Plants that Repel Mosquitoes?

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects
Which plants repel mosquitoes and other insects in the backyard and garden? Here’s a list of the best insect-repelling plants to use in your garden.
The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac Gardening Calendar

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Song of the Thrush

Song of the Thrush
With the June breeding season finally here, many of us will have a special treat—the flute-like songs of thrushes, especially the hermit thrush, wood thrush and veery.
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