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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, November 12, 2019


When rabbits are fat in November, expect a long, cold winter.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
316th day of the year

Nadia Comaneci (gymnast) was born on this day in 1961.
Ira Levin (author) died on this day in 2007.

Vegetable Gardener's Handbook
Full Beaver Moon Today!

Full Moon for November 2019
November’s Full Beaver Moon rises on Tuesday, November 12! Learn when to spot it in your area and the meaning behind this Moon’s name.


Looking for American-made Gifts?

Look no more, North Country Wind Bells® has been creating quality-made wind bells in the state of Maine since 1975. With 6 collections, 67 melodies and over 100 personalizing options, you can find that perfect American-made gift.
Grow Amaryllis for Christmas

Amaryllis: How to Grow Amaryllis Bulbs
Amaryllises are beautiful Christmas bulbs that are easy to care for. Find out how to buy the best amaryllis bulbs, how to plant the them, how to care for amaryllis, and how to make sure they bloom again next winter!


Surgeon Reveals How To Grow Back Thinning Brows

According to Dr. John Layke , thinning brows are one of the most noticeable signs of aging. “Thinning brows can actually age your appearance even more than wrinkles,” he revealed. This is a problem you can easily solve at home.
Indian Pudding Recipe

Indian Pudding

Indian Pudding is an early American dessert. The “Indian” in Indian pudding refers to Native American cornmeal.

The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac Moon Calendar

Loaded with dramtic images, lunar lore, and more! Makes a great stocking stuffer!
Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips
If you’re trying hard to avoid catching the common cold and the flu, here are some prevention tips to keep you healthy—short of wearing your own personal Hazmat suit!
The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Calendar

Nicely illustrated page-a-day desk calendar that makes a great stocking stuffer! Start each day with a tidbit of Almanac fun: weather wisdom, quirky historical facts, useful hints, and time-tested proverbs.
Mice in the House?

Mice can be quite frustrating when they munch on your plants and on your pantry snacks. Here’s how to prevent and control mice in the house and garden.


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