Full Snow Moon this weekend, 10 hacks for a successful garden, egg recipes

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Daily Newsletter for Friday, February 7, 2020


Come when the rains
Have glazed the snow and clothed the trees with ice,
While the slant sun of February pours
Into the bowers a flood of light.

–William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)

Friday, February 7, 2020
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Full Snow Moon This Weekend

Full Moon for February 2020
Got your snow shovels ready? February’s Full Snow Moon rises on the night of February 8 and peaks in the early hours of February 9. Why is it called the Full Snow Moon? Find out in our February Moon Guide!


Wrinkle Filling Trick To Look Up To 10 Years Younger

Believe it or not, this skin-smoothing technique is no joke. It makes you look dramatically younger. If you’d like to try this innovative smoothing technique at home, you can view the instructional video in its entirety below. It’s a fascinating presentation (even if you don’t have wrinkles). Click Here To Watch The Video >>

How the Moon Affects Us

Can a Full Moon Affect Your Mood?
Can the Moon affect your mood? Does it make people crazy? Science doesn’t have proof, but could centuries of folklore be wrong? Unless you plan to ask a werewolf (which we don’t recommend), it might be time to explore the myths and reality.
Sun/Moon Pewter Key Rings

Two-side Sun and Moon Design! Handmade in Vermont. While supplies last.

Small Farm or Large Garden?

Garden Plans for Homesteads and Small Farms
What is homesteading? It’s really a mind-set—a desire to be self-sufficient. Learn more about homestead gardening—plus, here are three sample garden layouts to get you started.
Rustic Faucet Paper Towel Holder

Keeps paper towels handy. Cast iron construction means the holder won’t tip over when tearing off a fresh towel.

Embedded thumbnail for  10 Quick Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden
10 Hacks for Garden Success

10 Quick Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden
Our 10 gardening hacks are tips handed down from experienced gardeners—to save time and increase success in the vegetable garden.
Tick Removal Tool

The best tick remover is the one that is easy to carry and always with you! This safe tick removal tool attaches to key chains, leashes, and backpacks. Made in the USA from high-strength aluminum that won’t break or bend. Sold as 3-pack for spares and sharing.

Egg-cellent Egg Recipes

7 Favorite Egg Recipes
Eating eggs is an inexpensive way to get more protein, vitamins, and minerals into your diet. Eggs are not just for breakfast anymore; try these tasty egg dishes at any time of the day this fall—or in any season!
Dragonfly Sundial

Made out of cast iron and measures 10 inches across!