Not your grandma's coleus, mint brownies, 6 garden hacks

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Daily Newsletter for Wednesday, March 11, 2020

It is the first mild day of March:
Each minute sweeter than before
The redbreast sings from the tall larch
That stands beside our door
–William Wordsworth (1770–1850)

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
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Vegetable Gardener's Handbook
Not Your Grandma's Coleus

Colorful Coleus Plant Varieties for the Garden
As a young girl, one of my first plants was a coleus grown from a cutting my grandmother gave me. I’ve been in love with them ever since. Discover the many colorful varieties of coleus which you can find today to add to shady beds, sunny borders, and containers.


Feeling Old? Do This Once A Day And Watch What Happens

Researchers have found a new at-home test that you can do right now in your seat that can help predict future health and longevity. It’s a very simple test and only takes a couple minutes to do. Click Here To Find Out Now >>

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6 Handy Garden Hacks

6 Handy Garden Tips and Clever Shortcuts!
Whether you want to make eggshell seed starters, kitchen scrap fertilizer or an organic weedkiller, here are six of our favorite hacks to help you achieve more in the garden with less effort, less money, or less time.
Bright and Bold Umbrellas

These sturdy umbrellas come in several nature-inspired designs.

Four-Bed Rotation Chart

Crop Rotation Chart for Small Vegetable Garden
Even if you grow a small vegetable garden, it’s smart to arrange your crops to avoid pests and problems.
Rooster Birdhouse

Functional art for your garden and feathered friends! 

Night Sky Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring From the Sky
What are signs of spring in the sky? Perhaps you’ve noticed the earlier sunrises. Let’s observe a few more signs in the sky—including a springtime smile from our very own Moon.
Red Mercury Lantern

Buy 2 or more and get $2.00 off each while supplies last. Includes 10 lights and a 6-hour timer. Takes 2 AA batteries.

Green Mint Brownies

Mint Brownies (or Grasshopper Brownies)

These classic Mint Brownies have a deliciously fudgy base, a creamy mint frosting, and a smooth layer of semi-sweet chocolate. They’re always a favorite.

Alpaca Fleece Socks

The cure for cold feet! Alpaca socks are soft, luxurious, and warmer than sheep’s wool. Choose from active outdoor and extreme cold styles.