Friday the 13th, St. Patrick's Day recipes, Pi Day, kitchen garden layouts

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Daily Newsletter for Friday, March 13, 2020

In come the March winds,
They blow and blow,
They sweep up the brown leaves
That green ones may grow.
–George Washington Wright (1850–91)

Friday, March 13, 2020
Find out who was born today.

Almanac Garden Guide
St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Best St. Patrick's Day Recipes
A selection of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipes—including soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, hearty Irish stew, and colcannon—many of which come from our lovely Irish-American readers!


4 Foods Causing You To Gain Weight

There are 4 foods that can hijack the chemicals in your brain. These foods can cause you to experience tiredness, memory loss, low energy, skin problems – and worst of all, they could be the reason why you are gaining weight. These foods can “rewire” your brain and cause you to crave fat, sugars, and carbs, even when your stomach is full. Fortunately, there is a method you can do right at home that can reverse these cravings. Watch Now >>

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day 2020, My Friends!
On Saturday, March 14 (3/14), Pi Day is celebrated. It’s the sort of holiday only celebrated by number freaks like yours truly. Of course, to honor the never-ending number 3.14159, many of us pi lovers do end up celebrating by eating the actual pie dessert. Let’s have fun with numbers and a nice piece of π …
Bright and Bold Umbrellas

These sturdy umbrellas come in several nature-inspired designs.

Kitchen Garden Layouts

Kitchen Garden Layouts (Potager)
A kitchen garden (also called a potager garden) is designed to give you easy access to vegetables and herbs for cooking. Here are six kitchen garden layouts—plus a helpful video—to help you design a successful small kitchen garden!
Rooster Birdhouse

Functional art for your garden and feathered friends! 

Time for Bluebirds!

House-hunting with the Bluebird
On a sunny day in early spring, the male bluebird goes looking for the perfect nesting site. Instead of building a traditional nest, these plump little thrushes commonly find nest boxes as well as old woodpecker holes. Let’s go house-hunting with this most charismatic of thrushes.
Red Mercury Lantern

Buy 2 or more and get $2.00 off each while supplies last. Includes 10 lights and a 6-hour timer. Takes 2 AA batteries.

Friday the 13th Luck and Lore

Why Is Friday the 13th Unlucky? | Origin of Friday the 13th
The next Friday the 13th is Friday, November 13, 2020. Why is this day often associated with bad luck? What is the meaning of Friday the 13th and how did this superstition even begin? Find out—and enjoy fun freaky facts!
Alpaca Fleece Socks

The cure for cold feet! Alpaca socks are soft, luxurious, and warmer than sheep’s wool. Choose from active outdoor and extreme cold styles.