Planting fall veggies, campfire cooking, butterfly gardening

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Daily Newsletter for Friday, July 17, 2020


Oh, the summer night
Has a smile of light,
And she sits on a sapphire throne
–Barry Cornwall (1787–1874)

Friday, July 17, 2020
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Almanac Gardening Club
Veggies for Fall Harvest

Planting Vegetables for a Fall Harvest
Summer is still at its peak, but the days are getting shorter and fall is on the way. Are you planning to continue your harvest into autumn this year? If so, now is the time to get planting. There are so many interesting vegetables that thrive when the weather cools!


Actress Reveals the “Bathroom Trick” That Made Her Feel Years Younger

When Maggie first revealed this “bathroom trick” on her website earlier this month, some were understandably skeptical. To her amazement, she says her stomach “deflated,” her mood improved, and her energy skyrocketed — all in a matter of days. Click Here For Instructions.

Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly Gardening
Letting all that milkweed grow around my yard has paid off, and we have some monarch butterfly caterpillars in there chomping away! Here’s how to create a butterfly garden—from a mud puddle to plants!
The Old Farmer’s Almanac Best Value Club

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Feeding Your Plants for Free

Feed Your Plants for Free
How and what you feed your plants with is important, especially if you garden organically. Many of us will prefer to avoid using commercial non-organic fertilizers, and opt for organic ones, and fortunately there is a way of making your own organic fertilizers for free. We’ll take you through the...
Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook by The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Gardeners love it so much, we had to print more! Created for new gardeners, green thumbs, and old hands alike, The Old Farmer’s Almanac Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook is loaded with advice and inspiration to help plants—and growers—thrive.

Lost in the Woods? Find Your Way.

Find Your Way Without a Compass
Long ago, people could find their way in the outdoors without a compass—at night or during the day—by using the stars, the Sun, and nature’s signs. Here are some pointers for the next time you are camping, hiking, or just outdoors. Don’t get lost!
2021 Calendars

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Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch Oven Cooking and 11 Recipes
Dutch ovens are increasingly popular for cooking outdoors—hotter than Five-Alarm Chili! Here’s more about Dutch oven cooking and 11 great recipes!
The Almanac Garden Hod

Harvest and wash fruit and vegetables easily. Plus, enjoy hundreds of other uses! Each hod has the Almanac Sun logo burned into one side with a fire-heated branding iron.