Jade Plant

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Jade Plants


Jade can make a great houseplant, especially in a classic terracotta pot.



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Jade plants are succulent house plants, which makes them fairly resilient and easy to grow indoors—plus, they’re long-lived! See how to care for your jade plant.

With its thick, woody stems and oval-shaped leaves, jade plants have a miniature tree-like appearance that is very appealing. They live a very long time, often reaching heights of three feet or more when grown indoors.

Though jade plants like the warm, dry conditions found in most homes, they are not as drought tolerant as other succulent species. It’s important to keep the soil moist (but never damp).


  • Plant in a sturdy container with an all-purpose soil blend. Use a soil that will drain thoroughly, as excessive moisture may promote root rot.
  • A cactus mix with some organic matter will do. You can also make a mix of one part sterilized organic soil, one part sphagnum peat moss, and three parts coarse sand by volume
  • Jade plants are known to have very thick stems and may eventually become top-heavy, so plan ahead by planting in a wide and sturdy pot.


  • Place jade do need 4 or more hours of sunlight each day; kitchens and offices with a south-facing window are typically great spots with just enough light.
  • Jade plants grow best at room temperature (65 to 75°F), but prefer slightly cooler temperatures at night and in the winter (55°F). 
  • Keep soil moist but not wet during active growth in the spring and summer. Allow soil to dry between waterings in the winter. Avoid splashing water on the leaves while watering.
  • If shedding or brown spots occur on the leaves, it is an indication that the plant needs more water. 
  • Jade plants may be fertilized three to four times a year with a standard liquid houseplant fertilizer.
  • During the winter months, move the plants away from cold windowpanes and out of drafts.
  • Jade plants do not mind being root-bound. If the plant gets top-heavy and you need to move to a larger pot, transplant when new growth starts. Let the soil dry before repotting and wait four months before fertilizing any repotted plants.


  • Mealybugs may hide under stems and leaves. To remove the bugs, use a spray bottle of water or wipe the insects off gently with a bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or cotton swab.
  • Powdery mildew is a common problem.
  • Root rot is due to excessive moisture in the soil.
  • Leaf drop is a sign of a thirsty plant in need of more frequent watering.


  • New jade plants can easily be started from the leaves of mature plants. Stick leaves into the soil stem-side down and new roots will begin to grow.

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Wit & Wisdom

  • Grow the jade plant in a small pot and hold back the water. This may persuade it to flower. Cooler temperatures in the winter promote blooming, too.
  • Jade plants are one of several plants with the nickname of “money plant” and are seen by some as a sign of good luck and prosperity.
  • Due to their long lifespans and resiliency, jade plants make great gifts that can last a lifetime.

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Jade plant

A coworker gave me a small jade shoot that I have been keeping in a shot glass filled with water. There are only tiny roots at the bottom, but the plant is starting to grow plantlets. When can I put the plant into soil without it dying?

Thank you!

Jade Plant

Hi Niccole,

The jade shoot only needs to stay in water for about 2 to 3 days; after that its ready for soil. Since your jade plant has roots growing, its time to plant! It’s best to not leave the plant in water for too long or the roots may succumb to root rot. Plant your jade in well-draining soil in a pot with a drain hole in the bottom. Water enough to wet the soil and get the roots to settle into place, and then water every few days for a week. Then only water when the soil has just become dry.

Jade plants care

I have been growing them 30 years...My plants are all over the country now. California (amazed my friends drove with them from east coast), Florida, Texas, NY, NJ, North Carolina, Georgia...all came from three original Jades I had. Most flower in winter (yes winter) ...fallen branches from the big trees flower after about two years.

Bugs have set in over the years and I had to go to battle with them but not a big deal and easy to remedy. For instance hard scale bugs...insecticide soap on q tips does the trick but time consuming if plant big. Make sure you apply and make sure you disturb the insect underneath where it latched onto plant, wait a bit, hose down...let dry...repeat. Also keep in mind eggs from these nasty scales will emerge possibly so keep your eye on them. Mealy bugs...other "soft" bugs...really easy to combat them...just put outside where ants tend to be. Just be forewarned ants like to take up nests in soils in pots. I found this out by accident years ago. I was really overwhelmed with an outbreak of these bugs on 1/3 of my plants so I put them on my deck (I lived in a different home with a massive window area in one of my rooms so they stayed there all year) . So I am there sitting on my deck that evening and I notice a line of ants going to the plants and ants on the plant itself. In the ant's jaws are these mealybugs. LOL. You can also use insectide soap on these types of bugs too.

I have over the years been keeping plants outside longer and longer and now they thrive being outside till about last week of October (I live in Rockland County NY) and then I put them back outside mid April making sure I do not cause bad sunburn on them...that is one of the worse things you can do to a Jade IMO. . I am "conditioning" them to stay out longer...my garage serves as a winter home with a grow light. They kinda go dormant anyway. I read lots of reviews by people who say they need certain temps...Again I have very good success conditioning them to deal with colder temps.

Like what many say here (especially our expert) make sure you don't over water and and keep fertilizer levels constant in growth time. Try not to move them too much...they truly like to be left alone. Rotate pots frequently though or you will have lopsided plants.

I experiment alot. I have the pleasure of owning so many I can grab branches, leaves, etc. and do this.My best success is putting these leaves and branches in muddy water initially and then gradually adding soil...it really works. I plant multiple plants in one pot sometimes (what I am doing this season mostly) and these IMO are the most attractive ones. I also just put a single plant in one pot.

My largest Jade which was over 7 foot recently went "mushy" for no apparent reason. So...I cut branches that were in very good shape, leaves and small branches that were rooting and I simple took the giant pot the big boy was in and put these in same pot and buried all about one inch down. Now that pot has one amazing menagerie of Jades growing and that "procedure" was only two seasons ago.

Here is a radical thing I do too...once in awhile I notice my jades have lots of ants. Prior to being brought into garage I take plant out of its pot for two days and just let the plant sit making sure it is secured so it doesn't fall over. All the ants will disappear quite fast. I guess they realize they are vulnerable and want to get in the ground.

Growing Jade plants is fun. They are beautiful plants that again truly like to be left alone. I hope in a couple of years when I retire to actually start selling my plants (not the big boys but the ones I grow every season). My 7 footer I was offered over 1K by a person who owned a restaurant...that wasn't goign to happen since that was one of my original.

Long drawn out post by me...bottom line...to me at least...again have fun growing them, don't stress too much when they have issues and enjoy these remarkable plants. The person who replies here is spot on with over watering, not enough watering, etc.

Tall, straight, skinny.

If I was growing a Conan O'Brien that would be a great description but I'm growing a jade tree. How can i encourage my jade tree to grow a thicker stem and offshoot branches?

I've been growing it for about 2 years and it has just grown straight up about 10 inches with a stem thats no thicker than a pencil. Its healthy but not filling out and would just fall over if i didnt have it propped up.


Tall and Skinny Jade Plant

Tall and skinny stems are typically a symptom of insufficient lighting. Your jade plant may not be getting enough light, or the light it does get is not intense enough. Try moving the plant to a location where it will get at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight. To avoid having your plant grow lopsided, rotate its pot every few weeks.

Plant falling over

I have a jade plant that is about 2 ft tall and is really healthy looking. However it looks like it is about to tip over. Don't want it to break off and don't know how to stop it. Do I stake it ? The main truck is about the width of a quarter but it has 4 branches coming off that are really weighing it down. Do I need to prune it? If so how and where?

Thanks for any suggestions


Hi, Shari: You have a number of options here, but it sounds like one of them should be a little pruning. We assume that you have been turning this plant and that the unbalance isn’t simply the result of sunlight differential. As far as keeping it upright goes, yes, you can stake it. And/or, you can do what we have been known to, which is put a brick or rock on the light side of the pot. For pruning, look at the plant as a whole. Never take off more than 25% at a time (every 4-6 months), if necessary. You don’t have to take off that much. Don’t get radical. When you do prune, do so right above a leaf node (out of which leaves are growing). Whatever is still above the leaf node will die, and then more robust growth will restart from it. In this case, you might consider counterweighting or staking and at the same time pruning the “weak” side of the tree with the idea of encouraging it to eventually even out. Thanks for asking, and good luck!

Cutting Down Leggy Jade And Making New Plants

I have a tall, very leggy jade with three, 20" stalks about the diameter of a half-dollar coin. After cleaning the root ball to separate them, I am now left with just a few, scraggly roots on the end of each stalk. I would to know if it is possible to cut the lower stalks into pieces and create new plants from them. I would also like to know how long to let them (and the tops which I will also re-pot) harden off before re-potting. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Insectide use

I have 2 jade plants that normally sit in a south facing window but am thinking about moving them outside during the summer to get more direct light. However, I'm afraid that they may get bugs either on the plant or in the soil. What insecticide is recommended for use with jade plants both on the plant and in the soil?


Hi Laurie,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to prevent mealybugs from infesting a plant, only managing or dealing with them once they are there. However, mealybugs are held in check somewhat by populations of beneficial predator insects outdoors, so there is less of a chance when your plants are outside. If you do see mealybugs, the best way to treat your jade plants is to directly dab the bugs with a cotton swap soaked in a diluted 70 percent isopropyl alcohol to 30 percent water solution. If there is a larger infestation, spray with a spray bottle containing a solution of 10 to 25 percent isopropyl. 


HELP! My Jade is about 36 yrs old & had been in a 12" pot for quite awhile..,I bought & transplanted it into a very large beautiful pot which has turned out to be cement...since then the braches (1-2" dia) have become soft & when pressed they are either hollow or rotted...the soil (standard potting soil, in which it had done well) at the branches base has yellowish material that appears like puss, but when pressed is dry & powdery....please suggest what the problem may be & how to correct...I don't want to loose my Jade


Read all the below comments they seem to be very helpful in many of your questions.

Size of Jade Plant

My jade plant doesn't grow big. In fact, the entire plant is quite tiny. I've had this plant for three years. The appearance is dwarf-like. Are there jades that grow dwarf-like?

Jades plants

Yes, there are Bonsai Jade Plants! They do indeed look like miniature jade plants.

I bought a Baby Jade last summer

It is on my Kitchen counter that opens to an indoor Sun/Dining Room. It has grown tall and just drooped over. Not sure what to do! IMG_1436.JPG

drooping plant

Jade plant does best with four or more hours of direct sun, but they will survive in bright, indirect light. Inadequate light will produce a plant with deep green leaves and drooping stems – there is nothing wrong with the plant other than it doesn’t have enough light to produce normal compact growth.

Jade Plant weeping branches

We purchased from an old nursery a jade plant and by visiting other nurseries we realized it was a bit different. It was explained to us that most places sell the red tip variety. The leaves are concentrated on the end of the stem. They are bigger and meatier. The stem seems almost like a bamboo shoot; green and plump. The one we purchased has one stem more "barky" in appearance. The leaves grow throughout the length of the branches. The leaves are smaller and darker with no red tip. The branches hang around the plant in a "weeping" form. The plant looks like its been around for many years.

First day in its new home, It seems like the heavy branches may have drooped more and the main stem may have gone softer. The pot is small so it has been tipping over, which used to not do before. Are low light and low water better for it until it recoups or should it be allowed by a window with plenty of light so it recoups?

Thanks in advanced.

Jade Plant Weeping Branches

Hi Felipe,

Jade plants become droopy or weepy when they have been watered too much. In spring, summer, and fall, jades need enough water to keep the soil moist an inch deep, but remain mostly dry on top. In the winter they need less water and the soil should dry out between each watering.

To help your jade plant recover in this case, give it plenty of sunlight and let the soil dry out before watering again. It will take a while for the plant to perk up, but once it does it can be repotted to help with the tipping problem.

Good luck!

Will jade plant has flowers

A lot of fun. Thanks.Will jade has flowers ???..

Jade rotting

Hello, I have had a jade that I started from a cutting about 5 years ago. It had been growing like a champ until recently. I repotted it and fertilized (probably the second time I have ever done that) and all of a sudden the leaves started getting soft and falling off. I ended up cutting off the branches that they were connected to and the branches looked like they were rotting inside - some were even hollow! Now I am down to one healthy-ish looking branch with 2 green sprigs on it. However, I am concerned that maybe the same will happen to this branch. Is there any hope for this plant or should I just cut it off and start anew? Any advice would be much appreciated.

jade stems are hollow

If the stem is also shriveled that’s a symptom of bacterial rot. Feel each stem. Healthy ones feel firm. Squishy ones are sick and have to be cut back until you get to where the stem is completely green inside. Since this is caused by bacteria you have to use sterile technique so use a clean knife and make another cut just below to remove any germs. Repot with all new soil- a cactus mix will help. Look at all roots as you repot and remove any brown or squishy feeling roots. Healthy roots are white and firm.

Jade no longer fits on my window sill

I've had a fairly large jade for 7 or 8 years. I've just recently had to repot, which it was a bit overdue for. Now it doesn't fit on my window sill. Would it still get enough light if I put it on a stand next to a south facing window?

Re: jade plant no longer fits in window

On the northern hemisphere, unobstructed south facing windows recieve more sun than north facing windows. Your only concern for using a south window will be too much sun if switching from an E or W window. I'd say give it a try and monitor for sunburn on the leaves. If you want to keep it in the previous window, you might could prune the foliage and trim the roots back

Weak Jade, Cut or Leave

My jade has been under a lot of stress from being inside all winter. I'm moving it back outside tomorrow but it recently stressed and lost most of it leaves and it's stems are weak so it is in a collapsed heap. My question is, should I leave it alone and home it gets stronger or should I cut off the leggy stems? The stems are weak so I fear they will not grow if I cut them.


Hi, Julia: We would just leave the plant alone. Jades are pretty resilient, so just make sure that it gets some good partial sun and moderate moisture, and hopefully it will rebound on its own. Good luck!

Watering a mature jade plant

I was given a lovely, mature Jade plant as a Christmas gift. On the directions it says water sparingly. I do not want to under or over water this lovely plant. I need a little more specific direction on how much water to give it. It is in a 7 1/2 inch pot and is about 12 in. tall by 9 in. wide.I read a comment on this site that said give it a good soaking rather that surface watering. I still do not understand how much water to give it and when. Please advise.

Watering Jade

The idea is to allow the soil to dry out between waterings. When you see the soil surface looking dry, stick your finger into it to determine if it is dry all the way down (sometimes the surface is dry but the roots still have plenty of moisture). If it is, take the plant to the sink and turn the tap on a light flow. Water all around the plant (versus just running the tap in one spot) and splash the leaves. When water starts coming through the bottom and the pot is heavy, you have given it a “good soaking.” Let it drain in the sink for a bit, move it back to its spot, and wait until it is dry again before giving it another soaking. Many people give a shallow surface watering–that’s not enough water. Others drench it two or three times a week–that’s too much.


Jade plant

My jade plant I started from a clipping. It is growing by leaps and bounds. The problem. Do I need to stake the main branch or do I let fall over? I don't want the branch snap from the weight.

My jade went through a freeze!

So i went up north for a few days and left my poor jade outside and it got cold...really cold. I live in NC so didn't think it was going to be that cold that particular time I was going to be away. I came back 5 days later and the entire thing is laying down. Looks so sad. I'm thinking i've killed it but I'm determined to save it! I've had the plant for about 6 years and it's the longest i've kept a plant alive and I'd really like some input on how I could save it. I have brought it in and not messed with it hoping that i will see some sign of life...all the leaves are still attached just all drooping. I'm worried about it. All the branches are a little squishy...do I need to let it dry out and hope for the best or is my poor plant done?


Hey if the leaves of the plant are yellow, then they need sunlight. If they are green, they need water. Just don't go all in with either of those

I inherited a 20 year old

I inherited a 20 year old jade plant. I overwatered it and the big branches rotted. There were fleas all over it. Now I have a stem and a few leaves left. I got succulent soil and root grow powder, hoping to kill any fungi from the original plant and stimulate root growth. The biggest plant, a stem and about 6 leaves, appears to be dying now. The stem is shriveling and becoming very weak. I am losing the few leaves that are left. This plant has great sentimental value for me and I want so much for it to do well. I live in a northern climate. I have it very close to a window with southern exposure and it is dry in here. I give it water in the dish at the base. It is in a small clay pot. There are no roots so I have not put them in the soil. I laid the plant on top of the soil. I have more hope for the parts I salvaged that are just two leaves and a stem. I would love any advice you can give me on how to save what remains of this gorgeous plant.

Saving Jade

Your plant sounds like it has gone through a lot! It is likely stressed and may take time to bounce back. First, given you are in a northern climate, consider locating your jade away from the window, where temps are coldest. Maybe you should treat the few healthy bits like new cuttings and start again by rooting them in sand. They might benefit from getting out of the soil they are in now. In 3 months, if they have good roots, transplant them into new soil and start a fertilizing schedule–use water-soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer once every 3 to 4 months. Hope this helps … sometimes we all just need to start fresh!

I have 2 jade plants that are

I have 2 jade plants that are approximately 25 years old that are causing concern. I used to live in warm climate year around, however, have relocated to more seasonal climate. I’ve had them inside in a south window year around and don’t always get direct sunlight. I’ve noticed some of the braches shriveling and eventually fall off. There have been air roots, which I thought was a sign of a healthy plant, but some now look dry and brown. I also noticed a few brown/black spots on some of the leaves. Does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong & how I can save these plants?

Your plants might benefit

Your plants might benefit from being moved into bigger pots. Given you are seeing aerial roots, they are likely root bound, which can stress them, making them susceptible to other problems (like disease). Transplant them into pots that are a few inches bigger in diameter than the ones they are in now. When you get them out of their pots, try to loosen the wound roots; if you are unable to do it using just your fingers, use a serrated knife to slice vertical cuts all around the root ball. It may feel brutal but it is the right thing to do to help them absorb water again. Use fresh soil when replanting. When done, water well. They may be a little shocked at first, but hopefully they will bounce back.

I've had Jade growing around

I've had Jade growing around the bottom of my tree for sometime now. I've had to deal with snails and slugs but now it's being overrun with grass and weeds. I can't pull them out by hand anymore due to my disability so what should/could I do/use?

jaded weeds

The best way we know to combat grass and weeds is to mulch—to effectively drown or suffocate the weeds and grass. Natural, or organic, mulches include bark, wood chips, leaves, pine needles, grass clippings or other material that decomposes. This would conserve moisture, which benefits the jade. Some people use sheet plastic as mulch or cardboard or the like but you would need to cut holes in or cut up these larger pieces and they ultimately would not be as effective as the materials that you spread around the jade.

We hope this helps!

Every Jade plant I have

Every Jade plant I have gotten dies on me. I am bound and determined to be successful in growing this plant. I have one now but it is shedding leaves. The dirt is moist, but not overly watered. I am trying to learn how to take care of this type of plant.

Jade plants

Jade plants do shed leaves at certain times of year so it’s hard to say if it’s normal or not.  A few tips: Jade plants should dry out between watering. I mean, water until the water runs out the pot and then wait 3 weeks. That kind of dry. Also, be sure your pot has a drainage holes.  Jade plants also need plenty of sunlight and about 1 foot from a window with bright light.  Finally, make sure your jade isn’t root-bound. If it is, loosen the roots, and move it to a slightly larger clay pot that has perlite for drainage, sand, and potting soil.

Jade plant concern

I have 2 jade plants that are approximately 25 years old that now seem to be dropping leaves and wilting stems that eventually drop off. I had them outside when I lived in Southern California but relocated back to the Midwest 2 years ago. I have them in south facing windows, tryin to give them as much light as I can. During the summer months, they don't get direct sun, although they do get bright light, but do get at least 8 hours direct light during the winter months. I repotted them when I arrived here, as the old pots were dry and cracked. Since repotted and inside, I noticed last summer and now leaves drying out and falling off, which is probably normal to some extent. However, it also has branches, a few of them bigger ones, have shriveled or become soft and fall off at either a "joint" or by the main branch. I've noticed air roots, which I thought was a sign of a healthy plant, but some now look dry and brown. The area on both plants right next to the window looks better than the side toward the room, but I also noticed a brown/black spot on one of the leaves. I was going to repot them, but don't want to cause more stress. What do I need to do so I don't loose these sentimental plants?

40+ yr old Jade

Hello. I acquired a rather mature Jade tree early this spring. Moved from a North facing window straight to our West facing window with a small adjacent south window (only place I could put the huge plant). It was doing fine minus the transport shock for a good two months. Holding back water during this period of stress. Then continued the previous owners regimen of water once a week during summer (more or less when it actually needed it). After this period I noticed one day that the plant had drooped and started to lose many leaves. This was when I decided to investigate. I unpotted the mammoth to find it was not totally root bound, but the soil was very compacted and was told before it had not been repotted in 6 or 7 years. I did not notice any rot, the root system seemed rather healthy and the soil was not wet, just moist on the most inner part near the base.

I repotted it into a slightly larger pot (from 10" to 12") and made my own mix of Cactus mix with added perlite and about 20% extra sand and some orchid Mix i had laying around. The root ball after I raked the soil out was still about 10", so the same pot may have been ok but no room to grow still.

Since then it has not "perked" up as in the big heavy branches that had drooped have not lifted themselves up. Will these heavy branches even have enough strength to do so without some heavy pruning? you cannot wrap your fingers around these branches. Honestly need to see it.

During this whole time the plant has put out nearly just as many new shoots off of the main branches as there are branches already (which is alot, the plant is 3.5ft T by 3ft H 75+LBS) So this is where Iam unsure if the plant had just been adjusting the whole time to much more light and a new spot as well as my investigatory repotting. I could tell that the plant may have been longing for more light before I got it by some of the thin and long branches (north window). Almost all of the leaves that have fallen off had "suburn" or brown spots under the leaves. I had also treated for bugs and fungus once before using soaps for such purposes.

Now Iam watering only as the root ball desires as I have been using a moisture probe to get into the main root area. Iam at a loss as to whether the plant is turning around or if there is still an issue at hand.

Jade plant puzzle

It sounds like it might just need a little more time to recover. Dropping leaves can sometimes mean too low light; in this case, after the plant recovers from repotting and relocation, it should perk up. Also, monitor the watering – sometimes shriveling, dropping leaves or leaves with brown spots can mean too little water; wilting and yellowing leaves can mean overwatering. You have a good draining soil mix (make sure the pot has a drainage hole), so that will help to keep it moist but not wet – allow about ⅓ of soil to dry between waterings.  Much less in winter. Fertilize every 3 months or so during spring and summer (not at all in winter), but wait a few months before you do this right now, to give the plant a chance to recover from its repotting. It might need a little extra pampering for a month or so as it recovers. Bright light with some direct sun is ideal, which sounds like it has in its new location, although while it is recovering, you might want to keep it from too much direct sun–once it perks up again, it will be better able to handle the direct light.

Red Stem Jade Plant

My plant was growing so beautifully and getting very tall when the wind blew it off a shelf and the main trunk broke off. Can I replant this. It still looks healthy.

Hallow branches

I got an old jade plant a couple of months back that is about 30 years old. I seemed to do fine, but all of a sudden the leaves started falling off that seemed very moist, then branches and then yesterday I was rotating the plant and a 3 inch branch cracked open and it was hallow on the inside. All the branches it is attached to look every healthy. Is this root rot? Do I cut off the branches, dry them out and repot? Or maybe the pot is to big (I received it in quite a large pot) I have also been seeing little webs on it, could it be a bug? Please help! I don't want my plant to die... Thank you in advance!

Flagging Jade

Hi Sara,

It sounds like an over watering-related issue. Let the soil dry out before soaking it each time. Remove any damaged branches (they won’t likely root if you repot them, but you can certainly try). The pot may be too big, but the plant is clearly stressed so transplanting it now isn’t a good idea. The change in environment may also be causing the plant stress–the humidity and air temperature are surely different.

Leaves fall off, and they are heathy ?

Plant is full and heathy when i buy them but the leaves start falling off at touch, they are not yellow or brown,I water when dry sometime I get root rot in one stalk and then the plant goes south. They get about two hours of full sun.

Transplanted Jade

I recently acquired a small jade plant that's been in my family for five generations. My grandmother had been growing a leaf from the original plant for about a year in Northern California, where the temperature during the summer usually never gets above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, I live in Arizona, where it usually is around 110 degrees.

I left the plant outside for a week and I think I may have over-watered it, as I was scared that the heat would be too much. I have since brought it indoors and have started watering it less (this has been going on for about a week) but it now looks droopy and the leaves are all very thin. I'm worried that it might die or rot. What should I do?

Drooping Jade

Hi Ariel,

You have done the right thing to bring it indoors and to cut back on the watering. A week is really too short a time to know if it will bounce back. Succulents are made of mostly water, so do not need a lot of water. Give it some more time to “dry out” then get onto a watering schedule. You should allow the soil to get dry, then give it a good soak (versus lots of shallow watering).

Help with ancient jade.

I have a 62 year old jade plant with a trunk diameter of about 3 inches. It used to have branches all the way up, but it fell from a shelf, and almost all of the branches were broken off. Now it's left with only a few branches at the very top. Is there any way to encourage re-growth on the lower part of the trunk?

62-year-old jade

Hi Victoria,

Sorry to hear about your jade’s tumble! At 62, that may have really shocked the plant, which could be why it is slow to produce new growth. With only a few branches left, I hesitate to advise any pruning. Perhaps you could try a foliar fertilizer to stimulate growth–preferably one formulated for jades.

Please help! Plant fell!

I got my first ever plant to take care of, I was so excited! It's a cute little baby jade plant my mother got me. But when it was on the windowsill in my bedroom getting some sunlight, my boyfriend opened the window and knocked it over! It landed on the pavement (fell 2 stories). The plant is in a small cup now and it looks ok but it's not supporting itself that well. Can anyone tell me the steps I need to take to save it? I've grown very attached to it, but I'm afraid I'm not the best gardener/plant-caretaker, very inexperienced.

You need to prune your Jade

You need to prune your Jade so it’s more balanced. This will help the lower part of the plant thicken. Don’t worry; you can prune fairly heavily and it won’t hurt the Jade.

Also, consider re-potting. Use a mix that’s heavy enough to weigh down the plant but also provides drainage. For example, consider a mix of pine bark, perlite, pumice, and quartz.


I want to keep a jade plant on the counter of my massage office. What kind of bulb (not flourescent) can be used? Should it shine directly on the plant?

A Question to Be Taken Lightly

Hi, Lorraine: Any type of full-spectrum grow light should work fine, and technically it should shine on the plant. In practice, though, jade plants are usually quite robust and can do well in indirect light. Thanks for asking!

Jade plant

I received a Jade plant from my granddaughter about 5 years ago. I have struggled to keep it healthy looking. It gets morning sun, I water it once a week (as we have a very dry house especially in the winter...Michigan) only if dry to touch and mist it every day. It has been transplanted in a potting soil and Pete-moss mixture. It just looks sad...no thick health looking leaves on it, just semi thin and a light to med. green color. What can I do to make this a happy looking plant! I would absolutely hate to loose this gift from my granddaughter!

Jade plants grow best in

Jade plants grow best in bright light, at least 4 hours a day. During the winter months move the plant to a cooler spot in your  house (55 degrees is ideal) and protect it from any drafts. You may also want to repot the plant and use a cactus potting mix.

Jade won't stand up

I have a jade plant that I started from a twig about 12 years ago. It has grown to a huge monster. It is now leaning against a window but it has grown too big for that location. I am moving it away from the window support. Will it stand up on it's own or is it doomed to be a ground crawler?

I have a jade plant that was

I have a jade plant that was leaning. I put up a support stick to keep it upright. After a couple of months of new growth the plant stayed up on its own.

I would say yes.

I would say yes. Unfortunately the jade tends to be very top heavy. I have one myself that is decades old and hangs down quite a few feet from the botton of the planter. I dont mind it but if you want you can prune your jade quite heavily on that side. It wont hurt the plant.

Jade plant growing roots

I have a 6 year old Jade plant about 3ft by 3ft. Recently it had a fairly bad infestation of meely bugs. I think it is under control now, however now the plant will not grow leaves. Where new leaf growth should be roots will sprout instead. I don't know what to do. It is loosing leaves because it is fall, but growing nothing but roots!

Your plant is sending out

Your plant is sending out aerial roots. Sending out these roots could be a sign your plant needs to form new roots. The roots below the soil may be water logged or the plant may be pot bound. Remove the plant from the pot and check the roots. Cut of any brown or mushy roots. Replant the jade in fresh soil in a slightly bigger pot. Good luck!

Jade cuttings or leaves are

Jade cuttings or leaves are easy to root. Start new plants from the stem cuttings by putting them into a pot with fresh soil. Water lightly.

I was given some cuts from a

I was given some cuts from a huge jade plant. How do I get them to take root?

Jade plants

Very easy to root by placing in water and a good sunny window, I got a few very big jade that are about to flower!

I've had a jade plant in a 6"

I've had a jade plant in a 6" pot for about 20 years. It sits on the hearth of the fireplace and gets only indirect light. I water it very lightly--1/8 cup--about once or twice a month, and sometimes only twice during the entire winter. It gets leggy and a branch will fall off now and then, but I just stick it in the soil around the main plant and it begins to grow. I can't imagine an easier houseplant to grow!

A couple of years ago I got a

A couple of years ago I got a very large clay pot with a huge jade plant which sets next to a white stucco wall inside a gated community in Southern California. Despite our drought, at least half of the plant has wilted with the branches drooping over the sides of the pot. To me, it looks sick. I've read many of the comments. Should I look for bugs or root rot?

Funny thing about jade is

Funny thing about jade is that despite the moisture-laden-looking foliage, it tends to fail when it has too much water. Good drainage is essential. (Diseases are seldom a concern and scale may be a problem occasionally but not often.) Despite—or perhaps because of—the drought (do you think you overcompensated for the arid conditions?), it sounds like root rot.

The pot has a small hose that

The pot has a small hose that connects it to the sprinkler system. This system worked quite well for the first couple of years. I just noticed it looked bad a couple of months ago. But I have a feeling you may be correct. A new board of directors was trying to work with a new gardener to deal with the drought and as I recall, it took them several tries to get the sprinklers right. They may have drown the jade plant. If I want to replace it, do I have to dispose of not only the plant, but the top layer of soil?

Thanks so!


I have a few questions. 1: I

I have a few questions.
1: I live in Florida, with a house that has terrible (I tried to keep a jade) indoor-sun exposure, and the outdoors literally scorched my plant to a brown hair after 4 days without water. I want to know if there is hope for me to keep some jade plants that were made from my grandparent's 2 yr old 2 foot tall/wide plant.
2: I also found their plant has a noticeable mutation rate, some offspring have 6" leaves, others split branches by 3s and one had almost spherical leaves. What does this mean? And which mutation should I bring home to Florida for best survival chances?

I have an jade plant where

I have an jade plant where the leaves are turning yellow even on the new growth. please help

If your jade plant leaves are

If your jade plant leaves are turning yellow, it's usually due to overwatering. If your jade plant is a pot without a drainage hole, that is a problem. Also, use a potting mix geared to succulents (which drains well); regular potting soil holds water. Finally, only water Jade plants when they are almost completely dry.

I received a jade plant as a

I received a jade plant as a gift and it is growing sideways in pot and the leaves are falling off. It is beside a window with slatted blind over it and temperature is usually around 70 to 72 degrees. Was watering once a week, but have cut back on that. It has new leaves, but they are small.

Some leaf drop is normal.

Some leaf drop is normal. Make sure the plant gets enough light and that the soil dries out between waterings. The temp. may be a little bit too high. If possible move the plant to a cooler spot that has plenty light.

I have a very old Jade plant.

I have a very old Jade plant. I estimate it to be 50+ yrs old. I have personally had it for 40 years. It is huge and is in the largest clay pot I could find. It has started to get spindly but sends out lots of new branches. The result is it's looking more shrubby. Main stems measure 2-3 inches in diameter. I used to move it outside every spring but it has gotten too heavy for even my husband to move far. I plan to repot ...in the same pot but with new potting mix. Should I ...remove the skinny new shoots? use a mix of vermiculite and peat moss for half or all the potting medium. Also most of the plant has gradually begun laying perpendicular to the soil before it grows vertically resulting in "L" shaped stems.Should I stand these up and hope they straighten as they grow?

I have a 10 yr old jade plant

I have a 10 yr old jade plant that was planted in a plastic tub with cactus/succulent mix and has been kept in a east facing landing outdoors all year in S. Florida, getting mostly morning sun, watered as needed based on leaf firmness. The plant branched at the soil line and on one half of the plant all the leaves turned greyish green and became thin and wrinkled, but remained on the plant. Fearing some sort of infection, I cut the plant into two, and after checking the roots for rot, re-potted the unaffected part in fresh soil mix and a new pot. I made cuttings from the affected parts and left them in the sun for 2 weeks, but they never developed air roots, but neither did they drop their leaves. Any attempts to root these cuttings has so far failed. The repotted unaffected section has done well in the last month, but now I just noticed one leave near the top has gone pale and wrinkled, similar to the prior problem. I am at a lose as to what might be affecting this plant. The roots,stems and trunk seem fine.

I've had my jade plant for

I've had my jade plant for several years now but it grows out not up. How do I fix this and get it to grow correctly, upwards?

Hi, Berg: It's a long

Hi, Berg: It's a long process, but the trick is to carefully and systematically prune/trim the tops of outer growth, so that the plant's energy is focused inward. Remember, too, that the plant will grow toward the light, so whatever you can do to limit light on the sides will in the long run help and strengthen the middle. Good luck!

Hi there! My husband bought

Hi there! My husband bought me a big (about a foot high) jade plant for our anniversary (about two months ago) and I am terrified about killing it!
We had a younger house guest for awhile who kept accidentally pulling/knocking leaves and branches off of it too, which didn't help, but mostly I am worried because, while it continues to make new leaves, I feel like I keep seeing parts of it wither into a crystaline looking dark green... dead bit. Is it normal for some of that to happen or am I doing something wrong??

Read our planting and care

Read our planting and care sections above about sunlight and watering. If the leaves seem to dry up you may need to give the plant a bit more water but be careful not to overwater. Jade plants are usually easy to take care and hopefully your plant will rebound.

I have a large jade that has

I have a large jade that has white worms in the soil that move fairly fast. The plants been suffering a little with some of the leaves on some of the branches (not all branch's) showing wilted/yellowing leaves. I suspect a root eater in the soil, leaves don't appear to have common pests to the Jade. I've used knatrol (sp) a few years ago for a soil pest. I let it dry completely before watering. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

RE: white worms

Mark- I realize this was posted last year but it sounds like you might have fungus gnats. The adults gnats lay eggs in moist soil and their larvae (the white worms you're seeing) feed on root systems. I've got a dual approach to dealing with them- try watering from the bottom of the plant (through the saucer) instead of the top so there is no moist topsoil in which to lay eggs, and at the same time leave out a cup (or two or three in different spots near your plants) with a squirt of dish detergent and a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to catch the adults.

About 3 years ago I rescued a

About 3 years ago I rescued a large, potted Jade from the front yard of a home being demolished. It was going to be trashed also. I brought it home & put it in the ground, but, over time, I think that caused what's happening now. Branches are shriveling; they fall off easily & are orange & spongey inside. I've hesitated removing all of the shriveled branches, but I now realize, after reading all these posts, that I've done the Jade great harm (and I feel terrible about it!).
There are quite a few very healthy branches. If the main trunk isn't affected, should I cut off all dying branches back to the trunk? If the main trunk isn't affected, but those dying branches, when cut at the trunk, leave some spongey, orange flesh, should I cut into the trunk until I reach healthy flesh? And, should I take what's left after 'surgery' and remove it from the ground because I can't keep that area from getting/staying wet? It's not always wet, but I now realize it's at a low point in the yard. The plant's also covered with spider webs, but I can't see the spiders. I tried an insecticidal soap (which I later thought caused the current problem), but the webs return.
I hope you can help us. Rescuing this jade made me so happy but now I'm miserable thinking I've been killing it.
Thank you.

You can prune fairly heavily

You can prune fairly heavily and it won't hurt the jade, but your plant will be much happier if you transplant it into a pot. Jade plants like to have their roots a little crowded--but not overcrowded. Try a clay pot with drainage holes and use a soil mix that drains well. A cactus mix with some organic matter would be perfect. It should be moist, nevery dry but not wet. Take the plant out of the ground and shake off as much soil as possible. Check the roots and cut off any roots that are brown or black. Leave the plant out in the air for a day to let the root ends heal over and then pot it.

I'm sure some of you know

I'm sure some of you know this, but you can root the cuttings in water. I accidentally broke off a piece of mine and placed it in water and it rooted well! I've done this with a lot of my plants just so I have a backup in case the "mother" plant dies for some reason.

I have a new growth piece

I have a new growth piece that is about 4 years old but is only about 1/4 in diameter and 7 inches tall. It's only supported by chop sticks to stay up. How do I get it to grow stronger and larger. Don't want to lose its the last of my Dads plant, who passed 4 years ago.

My jade plant got knocked

My jade plant got knocked over when vacuuming :(.a month later it lost all its bottom leaves.they turned brown and soft. The fell with a touch. Recently the stem got brownish green . It only has tiny leaves. Is by a big sliding glass door. I give it 2-3 ounces of tap water every week is this too long? It is with a cacti. Is it because I don't fertilize it? Only one year old. About 5 inches high. Has two main branches. Has multiple problems. Please tell me what to do.

Let the soil dry completely

Let the soil dry completely between waterings. If you have not fertilized the jade plant for a while it may need a boost from a succulent fertilizer.

My Jade plant is growing down

My Jade plant is growing down on one side of the pot. The center is growing up. Can I train the parts that are growing down to go up?

I'm thinking of getting a

I'm thinking of getting a baby jade plant for my office desk. The desk is about 10 ft away from a large northwest facing window. Would the plant get enough sunlight?

My Jade plants, several, have

My Jade plants, several, have developed tiny white spots on the leaves. I can scrape them off with my fingernail but they do not wash off easily. It is not mould nor whitefly and I cannot see any sign of the leaves being eaten. Also I have taken many cuttings from the original plant several months ago and given them away. These also appear to have the same problem in other locations. Is this salt deposit or should I worry that I have given infected plants to other people?

If the white spots appear as

If the white spots appear as pores on top of the leaves, they are most likely mineral deposits and won't harm your plant. But you may want to start watering your plant with distilled water. Since the cuttings you gave away are also spotting, we wonder if it may be powdery mildew. Make sure the plant gets plenty of sun and that there is good air circulation in the spot where you keep the jade. Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda into 1 quart of water and add 2 drops of dish soap. Spray once a week.

I have a healthy jade plant

I have a healthy jade plant but i want to grow the plant with one stem and many branches on the top.what should i do to grow like that?

I have a beautiful large jade

I have a beautiful large jade plant. I know we are not supposed to overwater or underwater jade plants. When some leaves start turning yellow and wrinkly, is that from too much water or too little? Thank you.

Overwatering is often the

Overwatering is often the cause for yellow leaves. Let the soil dry completely between waterings. If you have not fertilized the jade plant for a while it may need a boost from a succulent fertilizer.

I was given a piece of jade

I was given a piece of jade plant from a friend and was told to stick the stem in water until it rooted. Well, most of it died and I am on to the last little piece. How do you root a piece of jade properly???

keep the jade dry until it

keep the jade dry until it sprouts roots looking for water, then plant it.

Hi I just got my jade plant

Hi I just got my jade plant and everything I read isn't helping much and I want to know if my window in my apartment doesn't get direct sunlight will my jade plant be okay? I does get a bit of sunlight at sunset. Another question is how frequently do I water it?

Your plant will be fine in

Your plant will be fine in the window. It does not need direct sunlight. Allow to dry between waterings, keeping the soil moderately dry. Do not overwater.

What is the best way to

What is the best way to de-flower a jade plant?? I have a horticulturist neighbor who suggested that I just pluck them off but some of them don't just come off. So How do I removed the browned flowers without ripping the flesh? She said to got to the base of where the flower is coming out and take that piece out. Should I cut it with a pruner then?

The faded flowers will

The faded flowers will eventually fall off. But if you want to remove them you can use a pair of scissors or small pruners.

I have a small jade plant

I have a small jade plant that seems very healthy. I would like to plant a small fern/foliage plant in the same planter as I think it would be aesthetically pleasing. Can this be harmful to the jade or am I good to go?

A gem of a question! You

A gem of a question! You seldom, if ever, see "companion plants" with jade plants, because jades have particular preferences. The general consensus is that flowering plants that are typically vulnerable to pests and disease are not a good idea. Better might be cacti or similar succulents that like what jade likes: relatively dry soil, sunlight (direct or partially shaded), and high temps—say, 80°F. However, even the cacti or succulent might not be happy. All of this brings us back to what we have seen and experienced: you seldom, if ever, see "companion plants" with jade for good reason.
Hope this helps—

Hey, I have a San Pedro

Hey, I have a San Pedro Cactus which is a difficult cactus to make soil for ... it isn't a dry desert type cactus, but a mountain cactus from peru. I put a fallen jade leaf into the San Pedro Cactus and it grew very well.

I have a Norfolk island pine

I have a Norfolk island pine in the same pot as 3 jade cuttings. They were fast friends and have lived happily for 3 years. :)

Hello, I have a Jade that's

Hello, I have a Jade that's about 6 to 8 years old. It went from my home to my mom's when I moved. It was neglected but thrived well. A few months ago I moved it from NY to Virginia. Now im noticing leaves are falling off and limbs are spongy and falling off. Root rot? Is this possibly a change from using well water to using city water? Im thinking of cutting off some of the branches and repotting. I don't want to lose the whole plant. Is city water ok or should it have bottled?

It sounds like your plant has

It sounds like your plant has been overwatered and it may suffer from root rot. Take the plant out of the pot and shake off as much soil as possible. Check the roots and cut off any roots that are brown or black. Leave the plant out in the air for a day or two to let the root ends heal over. Repot in new fresh well-draining soil. It's OK to use city water.

Thank you! Im just hoping not

Thank you! Im just hoping not all my big trunks are damaged. I've never had any plant this long. It has 3 large trunks.
I inhereted my mother in law's Christmas cactus in a hanging pot its doing great and even bloomed this year!
Thank you again for the info! Have a great day!

I have a small leaf jade

I have a small leaf jade plant growing in the garden outdoors that is getting rather large and I want to prune it back to a more managable size. If possible, I would also like to propgate the cutting into new plants. I prune the plant back a little each year to keep it tidy and have potted many smaller cuttings in the past with great success.

I suspect the tree is over 30 years old and now is approximately 3 meters (almost 10 feet) in height. The main trunk is approaching 200mm (about 7 or 8 inches) in diameter. The top of the tree is tied to the side of my house as it is much too heavy to support its own weight. My plan is to take it down to about 1 meter (39 inches) and use everything I cut to propagate, where possible.

If I were to take slices of the main stem at approximately 15 cm (6 inches) intervals and left the pieces to crust over for a week or two before coating in rooting hormone and planting in coarse free draining soil, do you think I would have much success? Do the stem pieces require some leaves to help them along? Or should I trim them back?

My jade is about 24" across

My jade is about 24" across and 20" tall. I grew it from cuttings from my mom's plant which bloomed regularly. My plant has never bloomed even though it appears VERY healthy. Leaves are plump and shiny and it has TONS of leaves and branches. No branches are bare.. It was outdoors for the summer and was brought in before frost, several weeks ago. I should mention that we moved in June. At the previous house it had lots of light and gained a lot of new growth. It went straight to the back patio at the time of our move. Now it is inside. It still looks healthy, but no flowers. How do I encourage it to bloom? Since I brought it inside it has been losing leaves regularly. Probably 2 a day. Is this normal for this time of year? So. . . . 2 questions: leaf drop and flowers Thanks for your help.

Hi Kaymer, It's normal for

Hi Kaymer,
It's normal for jade plants to drop leaves in the fall before new growth starts. For blooms give the plant lots of light during the day and turn the thermostat down at night. They like cool nights. Only water when the soil is dry. Do not overwater.

My jade plant which is about

My jade plant which is about 8 years old is starting to get lots of small roots sticking out from the branches. I repotted it in last year. Does it need repotting again? It is otherwise quite healthy.

Hi, Ophelia: These aerial

Hi, Ophelia: These aerial roots are nothing to worry about, and you don't necessarily need to repot. Your healthy plant is loving its environment, so it's sensing good prospects for self-propagation. If these roots happen to show up at the base of an offshoot branch, you can clip off the branch below the roots and grow it as a cutting. Otherwise, feel free just to marvel at yet one more of Mother Nature's ways of self-preservation.

Great answer! I had mine in

Great answer! I had mine in the kitchen window and moved it out as I thought is didn't like it there due to the spines growing out of it! It doesn't seem to be doing so well where I moved it so I'm going to cut one of the branches with the spines (roots) and grow a second one. There isn't much information on this topic on the web ten searches later and here it is! Thanks again!

Ive had my Jade for over 2

Ive had my Jade for over 2 years. It started as a single branch from a dying jade...well ALMOST died. It was reborn to become a 6 stemmed 8 inch high bush, with each stem producing over half a dozen branches each. I dont consider myself a plant expert but i know personal experience. If at any time a branch vears off to the side, do not hesitate in cutting it off by the segment near the two leaves. Put the branch in a cool dry dark spot and let it dry for a week. Then plant it in a smaller pot and water once then let it completely dry. Give the roots a chance to work for that water on the bottom. When its ready, transport to the big pot as another wonderful addition to the mother plant. Over time the chopped stem from the mother plant splits into more branches anyways. Patience is key. Great mood setting plant, by the way. But maybe thats just me.

Hi Dylan, Thanks for checking

Hi Dylan,
Thanks for checking in and for your helpful advice!

I have had my jade plant for

I have had my jade plant for 5 months.. it oddly means a lot to me.. suddently it seems to be loosing most of its leaves.. they either shrivel and fall off or just fall off.. I'm so upset and I don't know what to do.. I have it by a window and I water it a small amount about once a week. And I havent had a problem like this.. i dont know what to do. :(

Jade seems to be one of those

Jade seems to be one of those plants that everybody says is easy to grow...but then doesn't. Leaf drop can occur when the plant is extremely dry OR from frequent watering. Avoid splashing the leaves, by the way. Root rot can set in (sometimes unbeknownst to you) when the soil mix does not drain properly. Mealy bugs, which can look like puffs of cotton, can create problems. Wipe them off with alcohol. Every three to foud months, fertilize with a general liquid houseplant fertilizer (mix into the water). These plants like temps between 67 and 75°F during the day, not below 50°F at night. Keep them from drafts in winter, and do not let the leaves/foliage touch the window glass.
We suggest this just in case: If the stems and branches become soft and mushy, discard the plant as it will be bacterial soft rot.

I had a beautiful Jade but

I had a beautiful Jade but gradually one by one the branches have gotten spongy and fallen off
I have watered
I have let it dry
I have Fertilized
I have repotted to no improvement
Could it be bacteriasl soft rot and what can I do
Please Help

To be on the safe side cut

To be on the safe side cut off all the affected parts using clean scissors or clippers. Remove the plant from the pot and check the roots. Cut off roots that are soft and mushy and replant in a new container with fresh soil. This can prevent any further spread of the disease. If most of the plant is affected cut off a healthy section of the jade and start a new plant in a new pot with fresh soil. You can find tips on how to start new plants on this page.

Hello, I use Organic soil in


I use Organic soil in my jade plant and it is growing healthy and beautiful. I have only had it for one year and to date I have three separate pots from one jade plant.

It is normal for Jade plants

It is normal for Jade plants to drop a lot of leaves in the late fall/early winter right before the new growth starts. Dont be fooled into thinking it needs more water. Let it dry completely before watering and give it cool nights and it should go into bloom then put out a lot of new leaves.

I bought a jade plant about a

I bought a jade plant about a year ago and had it on a windowsill in bright sunlight..I believe that I was over watering it at some point...the problem is that a bunch of the leaves are losing color..some leaves are completely white and I can't seem to find any information on this occurrence... Thanks!

If the leaves on your plant

If the leaves on your plant are very pale, it may need some fertilzer. Look for a succulent fertilizer at your garden center.

My plant is about 8"tall, the

My plant is about 8"tall, the bottom half has turned woody. When does it branch, or, do I have to coax it?
How would I coax it, if needed?

If you want to influence

If you want to influence where it splits you can just cut it above the rib you want it to split at. The branches come out at the same direction as the leaves (switching direction every other rib). If not, just give it time and it will branch/split. Also sometimes a branch will just start growing out of the trunk.

I have a jade 15 yrs old.

I have a jade 15 yrs old. The top of the main branch there are no leaves.
The small branches are very soft and falls off by slight touch. What will be
The problem. The lower branches are hanging sideways catching the grill.

A month ago, I repotted my

A month ago, I repotted my jade plant with one big trunk and 3 smaller trunks, as the main trunk got too big against the kitchen window. From that main big trunk 4 other trunks have branched out, between 4 to 6 inches high along that trunk. I placed my jade outside on the terrace, where it is now also getting more sun than it was used to. In addition to some of the leaves turning red on the borders - which I realize is due to the morning sun - there is a new phenomenon, which is that there are many new leaves budding from the main trunk of the largest of the trunks, starting from its base all the way up to where it branches out! Is this normal? Should I prune those? This trunk is getting heavy too! Thanks in advance for any advice!

If you are happy with your

If you are happy with your jade plant the way it looks remove the new leaves to keep it from growing new branches off the main trunk.

I recently treated my jade

I recently treated my jade plant succulent with a systemic insecticide for mealy bugs. It's been a week and I haven't seen any more bugs or damage. How long do you think it will take before it starts to grow again?

my really old jade plant

my really old jade plant branches drape over the side of the pot and then grow vertically from there. I know it needs repotting and I'll look for root rot and all the other things I've read above. Is pruning the best option? I do have vertical growth coming from some of the branches above where they drape down the side of the pot.

You are right, it sounds as

You are right, it sounds as if you have to repot it. Just move it to a large, heavy pot to prevent tipping over. Allow the soil to become dry after repotting. Cut your Jade back before you repot. Then you can try to start new plants from stem cuttings. It's best not to put them in water. Use a sand or a sand/peat combination.

Hello, I have a jade plant

Hello, I have a jade plant that came from a piece of my aunts ( who has passed away) . I replanted the branch I was given last year and it thrived. It became very top heavy with a branch going to one side. That branch recently broke and I stuck in back in the pot thinking it would just reroot, add some succulent food, etc. Now I have black branches and the whole plant just looks unhealthy. What can I do to save it? The main truck still looks healthy save for the scar where the big extension snapped off. Thanks in advance, this plant has sentimental value to me, so I really want to save it!

With a jade plant, you want

With a jade plant, you want to 1) water only when surface is dry (and less in winter), 2) make sure it's not in a low-light situation and in a place that gets plenty of direct sunlight or bright, indirect light, 3) give it plant fertilizer monthly, 4) make sure the water doesn't stand in the saucer, 5) Prune back to a lateral branch or leaf axis.
If it has been over a year since the jade plant has been re-potted, you might want to move it up one size, too.

We have a big jade, and our

We have a big jade, and our new kitten likes to steal a leaf and use it as a toy... Are jade leaves harmful to kittens? I keep taking them from her, when I see it, but my house is big,,, much family and I often miss that she is batting a leaf around.

Unfortunately, Jade is

Unfortunately, Jade is classified as toxic to cats. It can cause vomiting and depression. If she ingested it, we would suggest you call your local ASPCA.

I have a large jade plant

I have a large jade plant (about 3ft high & wide) and we let it get too warm while on vacation. It drooped apart heavily & 1 large arm broke off. How do I root the broken off piece? It is a large plant by itself

Hi! I read that growing a

Hi! I read that growing a jade plant in inorganic substrate is best, is this true? Also, recently some of my jade's leaves have wrinkled and have fallen. Also, some have brown spots that I can remove with my fingers. Is this normal?

Jade plants like sandy or

Jade plants like sandy or coarse soil that drains well. If you want to make your own soil mix try 1 part peat moss, 1 part organic matter and 3 parts coarse sand. Wrinkled leaves are usually a sign that your plant needs a bit more water. If you can scarpe the brown spots off the leaves it may be scale insects. Look closely to see if you have an insect pest.


MY LARGE JADE GOT HOLLOW & FALLS OVER. I re-planted 2 months ago. I have it indoors & take to porch once a week for indirect sun-light. I could be over watering but what about the HOLLOW branches & the falling leaves? They simply DROOP till they break off. Is this "ROT"?

I also inherited a large jade

I also inherited a large jade plant several years ago. It was spindly with small, pale leaves. it soon developed root rot as I probably gave it more water than it was used to, so I cut off all the healthy ends off the plant and soon had dozens of small jades. Now I have a bounty of medium-sized plants that are top heavy and not well-shaped. Some are toppling over in their pots. They don't seem to be potbound as some posts above suggest as cause of plants falling over. In fact the roots structure seems small in proportion to the top growth. The more I prune back the more top heavy they become. I have tried planting them deeper in the pot than other houseplants as a friend recommended. Any suggestions for proper pruning to develop strong root system and thick trunk? Also, could I have fertilized too much with common houseplant food? My plants are now outside on a bright porch out of direct sun. In cold months I keep them near a south window. They seem very healthy other than being top heavy.

Use a sandy or coarse soil.

Use a sandy or coarse soil. Cut back on watering. The plant will grow more roots with less water. Keep pruning the plants to get the desired shape. You can also put the pots with the jade plants inside bigger pots for added support.

I've had a jade for several

I've had a jade for several years, and especially over the past year or so it's thrived. We recently moved, and the jade continues to be growing well. I have been watering it more often, because it seems to be dry. Recently I noticed some spongy, light green studs growing out of the soil. This morning, when I check to see if it needed to be watered, I saw a tall, spongy, light green thing growing. It's about the texture of a mushroom, and looks kind of like a cross between a mushroom and a fiddlehead. We haven't repotted or added anything to the soil. What is it? How did it get there? The jade seems to be continuing to thrive, but I can't imagine this is a good sign.

Me thinks we have a fungus

Me thinks we have a fungus among us. Don't worry. This should not affect the jade plant, however, it could compete with the plant for nutrients and water. We would suggest you repot. Wash the container with a 10% bleach solution and make sure it is bone dry. Use sterilized or pasteurized soil.
Avoid overwatering. Water when two-thirds of the potting soil is dry, then giving them a complete soaking. Fertilize every two weeks when the plant is actively growing and repot every 2 to 3 years.

Hi I would like to put some


I would like to put some of my jade plants outdoors for the summer. How should I go about this and is it a good idea?
My daughter-in-law just gave me 5 new ones. One of which looks like a jade bonsai, Is this possible. It is about a 10-12 inches high but has hard bark on the trunk and limbs
I don't know how to replant it if this is the case.

I put my old and BIG jade

I put my old and BIG jade outside this summer on a deck which gets only morning sun. After losing a lot of leaves from the shock of the temperature changes in the Northwest, it re grew beautiful leaves and it is full of flower buds for the first time in its long life! I am thrilled, and as a reward I brought it back inside since our weather is getting cold and rainy. I guess being outdoors was a good thing for it!

I have a beautiful Jade Plant

I have a beautiful Jade Plant that is 40 years old. I noticed this year that it is loosing a lot of leaves. Also I found a white dusty powder on the leaves. I sprayed it with insecticidal soap and hope this takes care of it. Is there any thing else I can do? This plant is part of our family and hate to lose it.

Powdery mildew is a common

Powdery mildew is a common jade problem. Make sure the plant gets plenty of sun and that there is good air circulation in the spot where you keep the jade. Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda into 1 quart of water and add 2 drops of dish soap. Spray once a week.

Why does my jade plant the

Why does my jade plant the top part - leaves and stems starting to rot? Then it spreads to the entire stem and plant. I thought root rot start from the root upwards? Yes, I was guilty of over watering but I thought when the leaves look shrivelled and thin I was under watering them. But when I added more water, within a few days the leaves start dropping. Then I cut back on the water, now at first all look good but the next morning, the top leaves and stems shrivelled, became brown and I had to cut them off. Now my beautiful jade plant is bare and there were 3 in 1 pot. And this is the 2nd pot. The 1st one, I thought I pulled out the one with the rot, but somehow the other 2 plants in the pot got the same rot too. Help!

You are correct in that root

You are correct in that root rot starts from the roots. As you said, rot can be from overwatering though it can also be from a soil mix that doesn't drain quickly. Leaf drop on the other hand happens when the plant is too dry. Are you using a soil mix that drains well? A cactus mix with some organic matter works well. It should be moist, nevery dry but not wet. Avoid splashing any water on the leaves and only water at the base.

I moved recently and my

I moved recently and my plants did great. THEN, my roomie got a flowering plant that started losing flowers daily and now my beloved Jade started having bottom leaves turn brown, hard & falling off. About 4 leaves per pot overnight. I mixed a torch of dish soap, tsp of rubbing alcohol & misted the whole plant. Please don't tell me I have just made my baby worse off. I imagined it was a bug fro that flowering, dying thing brought in and set by my plants. What should I do?

I meant a titch of dish soap,

I meant a titch of dish soap, etc... Sorry :/

Brown leaves can be caused by

Brown leaves can be caused by too much sun, too much water and if it is just a few leaves it's usually normal (old leaves turn brown and fall off). The soap/rubbing alcohol will not harm the plant. Examine your plant carefully before spraying again. If you don't see insects, don't spray.

We inherited a Jade plant

We inherited a Jade plant that is huge. It is six feet tall and at least 40 years old. It is in the solarium of the house we bought and broke it's pot. It was repotted but now is losing leaves rapidly. Trying to not overwater. Any suggestions?

Wow, that's a big jade plant!

Wow, that's a big jade plant! Was there any root damage when the pot broke? Did you replant it in a bigger pot with some fresh soil? The plant may just experience some transplant shock. If it has lived 40 plus years it's a pretty tough plant and will recover.

The plant is in shock. Wait

The plant is in shock. Wait atleast 2 weeks before watering again. Place in as bright a spot as poss8ible without being in full sun. If leaves continue to fall stop watering all together until soil is almost completely dry. Within a month or 2 your jade should be fine.

I bought a planter with

I bought a planter with several jade plants about 7 years ago. There is now only one left. After research I discovered that the plants suffered from root rot. I have replanted this one plant several times and moved it to a location facing south. It is now one stem..approx 1/4" in diameter and approx 7" tall with new growth in last few weeks sprouting 2 more leaves at the top for a total of 11 leaves. There is white powder on top of soil. I am afraid to repot b/c the last time I did some of the leaves fell off. I will take advice and look for/treat for root rot (the last repot I did notice it but thought repotting would take care of it) How can I get this plant to grow out instead of up? What do I do for the white stuff on top of the soil? Thank you

I have the same issues- from

I have the same issues- from what I've found, we need to water way less haha. I live in a very wet and humid climate, so keeping air circulating and making sure there's proper drainage in the bottom of the pot is extra crucial.. both these things will help prevent root rot and other unwanted bacterial growth. And as far as the white stuff on the soil (mine sometimes occurs on the jade leaves themselves too), just use a damp paper towel to remove the top layer of white and soil, and sprinkle some new soil over the top. I've had to do this to a few pots, and it seems to take care of the issue longterm- just remember don't over water afterwards! Also maybe try to aim the majority of the water near the plant base, instead of flooding the surface of the dirt. I'm not sure how to get it to grow out I'm afraid; my best suggestion would be to set up lamps/light from window on the sides of the plant, rather than having light sources shining only on the top. Good luck and hope this helps!

The best and only way to get

The best and only way to get a jade plant to grow bushy and lush is to pluck out the very new baby growth at the very top of the jade's two leafs if done correctly this should leave a clean socket, this will allow two new sets of baby growth to grow then split like branching apart in two directions before any plucking growth for splitting it's best to let the jade grow to about four to five inches long so the jade plant will look over all balanced and full.

I recently bought a jade

I recently bought a jade plant to eventually turn into a bonsai (years down the road). The plant is only about 4" tall and there seem to be several of these baby plants in this one small pot. from what I can see the roots look brown and I can hardly stick my finger in the soil without hitting roots. what kind of soil should i buy if I'm going to have to repot?

Look for a well-draining

Look for a well-draining cactus or succulent soil mix. An ideal pH for jade soil is around 6.0.

I was given a jade plant a

I was given a jade plant a few months ago, which is actually 6 individual plants (all approximately 5-6" tall) in a single 4-5" wide pot. While it appears to be very healthy, I'm worried that as it gets larger it will quickly crowd itself out. Should I repot now so that each plant has it's own individual pot, or wait until it is larger and repot them into individual pots only when it becomes absolutely necessary? Or (when the time comes) should I repot into a larger pot, but keep the 6 plants together? I've never had a jade before, and this has much sentimental value to me so I want to do what's best!
Thank you so much!

6 jade plants in one pot is

6 jade plants in one pot is probably not a good idea. Jades like to be potbound so transplant into small pots. When you remove the jade from the original pot brush off as much soil as possible and make sure that you have 6 individual plants. You can then plant 2 jades together in each pot to give them a little bit more room to grow bigger.

I have had a number of jade

I have had a number of jade plants in the past. After we moved a couple years ago I bought a small jade. It has grown at least 4 inches taller. However, the majority of the leaves are very small with only a couple at the bottom of each stem showing any typical size -- the color is a medium green rather than dark. The stems are also still fairly slim. I have looked at pictures of dwarf jade and mine doesn't look like that. I repotted a few days ago and now one of the stems in leaning over. The plant gets morning sun and artificial light.

Any ideas?

It sounds like it is not

It sounds like it is not getting enough light, which can cause stunted growth, or small leaves on spindly stems. Expose the plant to about 4 to 6 hours of bright, direct sunlight each day; a window with southern exposure works nicely. If you can only get morning light, check that your supplemental artificial light is adequate. Some recommend using: a combination of one cool white fluorescent bulb and one full-spectrum fluorescent bulb for plants; or use grow lights (specifically for plants); or, use a mix of two 40-watt cool fluorescent bulbs and one 40-watt incandescent bulb. You might want to introduce your plant gradually to the increased light to help it adjust. Ten hours of artificial light should be good. Also check to make sure your artificial lights are the correct distance from the plant for the wattage (check the Web or ask a garden nursery for recommendations).

I've had my Jade for at least

I've had my Jade for at least 4-5 yrs now and never re-potted or "pruned" it. My co-worker gave it to me and it lived in the office until I changed jobs, now it lives in my kitchen by the window. It was growing sideways and I leaned it against the window because the main branch is too thin to hold it's weight. So now that I'm trying to re-pot and prune it, not sure what to do? what do I do with the branches I cut off, put them in water or soil to re-grow? any help would be appreciated by my lovely Jade and myself :) thanks!

If your Jade plant is top

If your Jade plant is top heavy, it sounds as if you have to repot it. Just move it to a large, heavy pot to prevent tipping over. Allow the soil to become dry after repotting.
Cut your Jade back before you repot. Then you can try to start new plants from stem cuttings. It's best not to put them in water. Use a sand or a sand/peat combination. 

Linda, Here is more helpful

Linda, Here is more helpful detail to repotting: Let the cut stems or any individual leaves that fall off sit for a few days before you do anything. 3 days is a minimum. They need to form a whitish scab over the cut part. After that has occurred I've had the most success by coating the end in a "rooting powder" made for house plants. Then I plant it in a small pot of seed starter mix. Be sure to position it so the leaves do not touch the dirt to prevent bacterial rot and mildew. water as you have been. transfer to a pot with a soil mix for cactus and succulents in a few wks-months after it is strong and has new growth. Enjoy!

I have 2 Jade plants of which

I have 2 Jade plants of which the older one is fine.On the smaller one which is single stem and about 8" high, the top 1 cm of stem from the top 2 leaves down to the next 2 leaves has turned red.

Can you please guide me what is happening and how to put it right? Thanks.

Your jade plant is turning

Your jade plant is turning red from exposure to the Sun. This is normal but if you would like the dark green color to return, move it to a shadier spot.

I have a question about my

I have a question about my jade plant. I was growing it along with another jade plant as mine is quite small with only about one stem and 3 leaves. It is around 8 years old and latly it has curved downward and I think it is dying.One leaf is broken but not yet off. I'm repotting it this weekend and wasn't sure what else to do to keep it alive. I was also wondering if when the leaves die if I bury them a little bit in the soil do they grow a new jade plant? I read this but wasn't sure it was credible . I would love anyone's help as soon as possible. thank you

Check the roots for root rot

Check the roots for root rot when you are repotting. The roots should be white and firm. Cut off any roots that are brown or black. And yes, you can start a new plant from a healthy leaf by sticking it in a pot with soil.

I adopted a large jade from a

I adopted a large jade from a friend. Some of the stems are shriveling and dying. Plus it is dropping leaves. It is near a heat vent that we have closed so I started to lightly mist it. It is near (but not close to) our patio door that faces west. Could it need more sun?

Make sure the plant is in a

Make sure the plant is in a place that gets plenty of direct sunlight or bright, indirect light. Fertilize monthly and water only when when the soil feels dry.
If this plant has not been re-potted for a while, you might want to re-pot it in a bigger pot.

misting can cause mildew.

misting can cause mildew. Shriveling stems is also a symptom of bacterial rot. Cut a shriveled stem if it is brown or black you need to act quickly as the rot spreads and can kill the whole plant. Many sites will tell you to pitch it as it is a lot of work to save, but I just went through that with mine and lost about a third of it due to procrastination. But now have many pots of growing little jades!

I started my Jades from a

I started my Jades from a leaf. One is 31/2 years old. It has been thriving until now. It is 6 inches tall and the main trunk is leaning over as if it is top heavy. I have put a shell next to the trunk to hold it up. Is it strong enough with out the shell or will it eventually break. Thank You for your help :-)

Repot into a pot that is one

Repot into a pot that is one size larger.

You need to prune your Jade

You need to prune your Jade so it's more balanced. This will help the lower part of the plant thicken. Don't worry; you can prune fairly heavily and it won't hurt the Jade.
Also, consider re-potting. Use a mix that's heavy enough to weigh down the plant but also provides drainage. For example, consider a mix of pine bark, perlite, pumice, and quartz

Thank You very much for your

Thank You very much for your response :-)

I have a large jade plant

I have a large jade plant which has begun to drop some of its limbs off . The ones that drop off seem to be hollow. What am I doing wrong?????

If the stem is also shriveled

If the stem is also shriveled that's a symptom of bacterial rot. Usually caused by overwatering (that's what I did). To save the rest you must feel each stem. Healthy ones feel firm. Squishy ones are sick and have to be cut back until you get to where the stem is completely green inside. Since this is caused by bacteria you have to use sterile technique! so get a clean knife and make another cut just below to remove any germs. Repot into a new pot and with all new soil. a cactus mix will help. Look at all roots as you repot and remove any brown or squishy feeling roots. Healthy roots are white and firm. cut the stem where you find brown roots until you find all green inside. GB

I have inherited a large jade

I have inherited a large jade plant from a friend. I have had it about three months and am now finding that the leaves are shriveling or puckering as if they don't have enough water inside. I water only when soild is dryed out per other postings. I think it needs to be re-potted and will do this soon. Is there something else I should know that the puckering leaves are trying to tell me?

With a jade plant, you want

With a jade plant, you want to 1) water only when surface is dry (and less in winter), 2) make sure it's not in a low-light situation and in a place that gets plenty of direct sunlight or bright, indirect light, 3) give it plant fertilizer monthly, 4) make sure the water doesn't stand in the saucer, 5) Prune back to a lateral branch or leaf axis.
If it has been over a year since the jade plant has been re-potted, you might want to move it up one size, too.

My jade plant has only a

My jade plant has only a north window for lighting. The problem is that the stems are soft and fall over. I have to stake it. Why is this happening? I water it only when the dirt is dry..

If your jade plant stems are

If your jade plant stems are soft and flexible, it sounds as if either a) your plant has gotten too much water and has root rot or b) your plant isn't getting enough moisture. Tip the plant on its side and slide it out of the pot. See if the roots are soft or mushy. If you have a south-facing window, that would be preferable; jade plants need at least four hours of that bright filtered light or full sun to thrive. Also, jade plants often fall over when they need to be re-potted into a bigger container.

I had a period of time where

I had a period of time where I under-watered my jade plant and brown spots/wilting occured on some leaves. I have moved the plant to a sunnier spot and provided it with more water. The plant has responded well and has perked up and grown. However - the brown spots are still there on the leaves that were previously affected. Does this go away? Or should I pinch off those leaves? Or is it fine to leave as is?

A friend gave me a 18'

A friend gave me a 18' established, fairly healthy looking Jade. How often to they need to be repotted or fed? Is rooting hormone helpful for cuttings? It was pretty leggy and some branches were broken in transport.

Jade plants like to have

Jade plants like to have their roots a little crowded--but not overcrowded. If the roots reach the edge of the pot, so that there isn't any space for them to grow, it's time to repot--this may not happen for 2 or more years. When repotting, choose a pot that's just a little larger than the present one. Clay pots, with drainage holes, work well.
As for feeding, a bit of balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing season would be helpful, such as 10-10-10. Fertilize once every 3 or 4 months during the growing season (spring through fall). For outdoor plants, you can increase the frequency to every 2 to 3 weeks, but dilute the fertilizer to 1 part water, 1 part fertilizer, or an even weaker solution. A liquid fertilizer for succulents is ideal (African violet fertilizer also works). Do not fertilize during the dormant season (about November through March).
When propagating cuttings, rooting hormone usually is not necessary for success with jade plants, but it might help to speed things along.

I have two jade plants who

I have two jade plants who love to be outside in the sunlight in the summer. I live in SW Ohio. When they are outside they like plenty of water. Once I bring them in for the winter, every two weeks is sufficient. One of my jade plants is very bushy and large. The other one came about when I had to do some pruning, and just stuck the stems in the soil mixed with vermiculite. This can't be done in the winter here, the cuttings do well if kept in the sun in summer.

A friend of mine mailed me a

A friend of mine mailed me a piece of her jade plant that she rooted. She mailed it in a plastic bag with soil. It arrived, looking very healthy and I planted it in soil for cactus. The plant doesn't seem happy, but I may not be patient enough. the leaves seem to be closing in towards the stem, do I have anything to worry about?

Two thoughts. Jade plants

Two thoughts. Jade plants don't like to be overwatered. Once you water it in, you don't want to water for several days. Also, jade plants like a soil mixed with 1/3 sand so it doesn't hold water for too long.

all of these comments are

all of these comments are good and well taken however when the weather is very warm take your jade plant out put it under a shady tree rinse it off and soak the soil after you do this let it dry out a little bit and use something like a shish kabob stick something like a coat hanger will do and poke it in the soil to a rated let it sit out overnight jade plants love that cooler weather just like stated

Staking Jade branches

My jade would be about a foot high if the branches were growing striaght up. Do these need to be staked before they get the tougher bark on them or just let them go as they are?

If your jade plant is growing

If your jade plant is growing tall instead of out, then you could prune some branches back to a lateral bud or branch or just above a leaf node. Never cut into the main trunk. Do NOT leave a stump. This will help your jade get more bushy.

Jade Plant Zone

Do jade plants grow well in zones 5-6?

Jade plants are usually

Jade plants are usually indoor houseplants. Room temperature is fine most of the year but they prefer 55 degrees F during winter. They can grow outside in zones 10 and 11--the tip of Florida and warmest areas of California.

my big fat trouble w/ keeping a jade plnt alive

Evry jade I've had, has eventually (& literally) deflated from the inside out on its "branches" I've dun everything under the sun 2 fig it out. Im on my last run w/ last fam gen. Plz help me save my family.

Jade needs only to be watered

Jade needs only to be watered when the soil in their pot has completely dried out. Once every 2 weeks should be sufficient. Also try using fertilizer made specifically for succulents, rather than regular houseplant fertilizer. Good luck!

Wondering if you ever had a

Wondering if you ever had a solution to your problem?
My Jades have begun to do the same thing...after about 2 years. I don't want to lose them. I will try the succulent fertilizer and see if that works. Maybe transplant into a clay pot this spring. (if they make it that long)

me too then I learned about

me too then I learned about bacterial root rot. You've described it perfectly. See treatment in recent postings

Jade plants

I have two jade plants, both approaching 30 years old. They are both approximately 5' high and weigh about 7 stone! I am moving to Antigua and I need to re-home them in the UK, any ideas? They flower every christmas

Have you contacted any

Have you contacted any botanical gardens or plant enthusiastist groups? I was on vacation in London and went to the Museum of Garden History and all the people there were warm and friendly, I bet they might have ideas for you to find good and appreciative new homes.

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