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Bee Active Drink: Healthy Hydration!

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Patty Sanders, Purdue University Extension nutritionist
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Bee Active! Patty, nutritionist with Purdue University Extension, shows us how to make a healthy drink that’s good for hydration and health or sports/fitness. We met her on a bike trail in Indianapolis where she showed us how she makes this hydrating fizzy drink with bee pollen and ginger for health! We find that it’s not only good to rehydrate but also helps with stomach issues.

See recipe below and enjoy this fun video on how to make the “Bee Active” drink.

Bee Active Drink

1/2 cup apple cider
1/2 cup kombuch
Pinch of salt
Pinch of bee pollen
Slice of ginger, minced or pressed
2 cups water

Add the ingredients to a mason jar or drink container of your choice. We like to press the ginger in a garlic press and then mince up what’s left in the press. Then refrigerate!

Even better: Save time by preparing 5 drink containers for the week!

About The Author

Patty Sanders

Patty Sanders is a certified herbalist and professional nutritionist for Purdue University Extension. Read More from Patty Sanders