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Today in History: National “That Sucks” Day

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National “That Sucks” Day is a holiday created by Bruce Novotny, who runs www.thatsucks.net and noticed that April 15 has historically been a very unfortunate day. Not only is it Tax Day, but also it is the day when President Abraham Lincoln died after being shot the day before and the day when Titanic sank to the bottom of the ocean. Certainly not the best day of the year, we do agree!

We have a bit of insight into each of these days, as well as our own reasoning as to why this day can’t be labeled as a total disaster. Hint, hint: There have been some pretty cool people born on this day!

President Abraham Lincoln’s Death: Lincoln was the 16th president. He played a critical role in the emancipation of slaves during the Civil War and is regarded as one of America’s greatest heroes for his dedication and perseverance on behalf of the Union. His untimely death occurred due to a fatal shot by John Wilkes Booth at a theater production. He passed away on April 15, 1865.

Did you know that the president has a connection to The Old Farmer’s Almanac? In his early years, he practiced law, and it is reported that in one of his cases he proved innocence “by the light of the Moon,” which was confirmed by The 1857 Old Farmer’s Almanac later portrayed as being held in his hand. For more information on this case and how the Almanac was used, read our article Abraham Lincoln, the Almanac, and a Murder Trial.

Tax Day: April 15, 2015, is the day by which the federal government needs all personal income tax returns! It is a big job to accomplish, but once you see it through, we have some very useful tips on how to simplify and declutter your paperwork for years to come.

Check out our tips for Getting Rid of Paper Clutter that include how to set up a file system, as well as advice on what you can and can not throw away.

Sinking of Titanic: RMS Titanic was the largest passenger liner at sea, which set off for its first voyage from Europe to New York in 1912. Four days into the journey, the ship struck an iceberg that led to its tragic ending and the loss of over 1,500 passengers and crew. Titanic remains at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean, split in half after it sank on April 15, 1912. James Cameron later played tribute to the tragedy through directing, producing, and writing the screenplay for his 1997 movie titled Titanic.

Don’t Fret—It’s Not ALL Bad!

Although April 15 has not always been the luckiest day of the year, there have been some wonderful events that have happened on this day as well! To begin, we were lucky enough to be graced with the birth of many great role models such as artist Leonardo da Vinci (1452) and legendary blues singer Bessie Smith (1894). And what would we do without popular Harry Potter actress Emma Watson (1990) having been born on this date?

On this very day in 1817, the American School for the Deaf was founded in Hartford, Connecticut. See what other history April 15 holds on our calendar page!

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