7 Naturally Sweet Vegetables and Fruit to Grow


Grow Vegetables Everyone Will Love To Eat

Growing vegetables and fruit is certainly healthy, but also, which ones will please the fussiest eaters? In this short video, discover seven naturally sweet fruits and vegetables that are sure to keep even the sweetest tooth happy!

7 Naturally Sweet Vegetables and Fruit to Grow

1. Corn

Many modern varieties are bred for exceptional sweetness. A sunny position and rich soil produce the sweetest cobs. Harvest your corn just before you plan to eat it for maximum flavor.

2. Peas

Peas are also best picked and eaten straight away. Look for a variety with ‘sweet’ or ‘sugar’ in its name, or try sugar snap and mangetout types.

3. Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are sweeter than larger types. To enhance the taste, water on a liquid tomato fertilizer regularly, but avoid overwatering because this will dilute the flavor.

4. Beets

Beets are delicious, slowly roasted in oil and balsamic vinegar with other sweet-tasting roots such as carrots. Miniature, or baby beets are ready to harvest just two months after sowing. Harvest them when the golf ball is sized or smaller for the sweetest roots.

5. Carrots 

Like beets, smaller carrots are the sweetest. Choose varieties that are intended to be harvested while still small, and look out for any described as sweet tasting.

6. Strawberries

Picking ripe, sun-warmed strawberries is one of the most satisfying experiences for the gardener. Alpine or wild strawberries are tiny but pack a really sweet punch of flavor.

7. Melon

Honeydews are the sweetest types of melon, while cantaloupe types are the most reliable. For the best flavor, harvest when the stalk is cracked and one end of the fruit is slightly soft.

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Anne K Studley (not verified)

6 years 5 months ago

Tiger nuts are sweet and delicious, as well as honey nut, sweet mama buttercup, and silver bells winter squashes.