Choosing Which Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

February 8, 2019

Choosing which vegetables to grow in your garden can be tricky. Most readers want the tastiest, easiest plants, but there is an overwhelming choice of different crops and varieties available.

This video presents a simple 3-step process to help you choose the best types to grow for maximum success.

Whether you have a large yard, small yard, or even a balcony or rooftop garden, we will demonstrate how our online Garden Planner can suggest the best crops for you, according to the kind of garden you have.

We’re offering a free 7-day trial to play around with the online Garden Planner, too!  The Garden Planner is available here: 


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Gardening and every day helpful info

I have a major problem with your garden videos! They contain so much information about what I don't know that I spend half my day just reading/watching on your web site I have little time left to put things into practice. :-) Great website and I am learning more daily. Next season (after going over everything again this winter) I expect I will have learned enough to supply the whole neighborhood with garden fresh veggies. OFA is the best source of information on most any problem that might occur in my day to day life.

your garden planner

I Have 3 questions. I live in Greece and have a garden in Australia. Converting dates is easy just move summer to winter but converting US times, when to plant has me stumped.
Does your garden planner do locations outside America.
Do you have a how-to collect seeds, process and preparation to plant as I have many heritage / heirloom verities including citrus and stone fruit collected from Corfu and to complicate matters many imported heritage / heirloom seeds from Australia and want to know how to prepare these properly for planting
and my third question.
as I have no garden as probably 10 mil of the Greek population do you have a chart that shows what can be planted on a sunny balcony.
thanx Kerry Forides for my Facebook page on heritage seed support is Kerry Cameraworks.


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