How to Grow Strawberries From Runners


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Strawberries produce long, leafless stalks called runners. These can be used to propagate new strawberry plants which are ready to begin cropping next season.

In this short video, we explain how to easy it is to make new strawberry plants from runners so you can have an even bigger and better strawberry harvest next year.

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Planting runners

Is it too late to root and cut my strawberry runners in Pensylvannia where we are expecting some frost?


I bought 3 plants this year which have no runners. Is there still a way that I can produce more plants from them?

dividing strawberries

It’s not recommended divide strawberry plants, so the best thing to do would be to ensure your plants are well settled in to their new home and propagate from runners next year. In spring, when growth starts, mulch them with compost and once they begin to flower give them an occasional feed of tomato fertilizer to help with fruiting and general plant health.

About 7-years ago, someone

About 7-years ago, someone gave me three strawberry plants. I planted them in the center of three rows and planted down the runners as they appeared.

My original plants are long gone, but I easily have over 30 high yield strawberry plants. All FREE and since they are determinate, I have plenty to make pies, jams, etc. with plenty to freeze. Some years I even get two harvests.

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