A Journey Through the Seasons: In Celebration of our 225th Anniversary!

Seasonal Photos Shared by Almanac Readers

September 21, 2016

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Celebrate the seasons with this beautiful collection of seasonal photos shared by Almanac readers—as we mark 225 years of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.


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Seasons video

Loved the pics and the choice of music BUT too fast to savor pics and read credits/location.

And slowing down loses the music. Is there a sweet spot?

Hello Riley,

Hello Riley,

Your point is absolutely understood and was carefully taken into consideration when putting together the video. We will try to make many of these photos available either on our Facebook page (you can see many of them there now) or on our website. Stay tuned!

Your OFA Editors

Photos are gorgeous!

Love the seasonal slideshow. Are these photos on your website? They make wonderful backgrounds for a tablet.

Hello Mary,

Hello Mary,

We will try to make these photos available soon on our website and on our Facebook page (many are already available there). 

Thank you,

Your OFA Editors


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