Using Grow Lights to Start Seeds

December 12, 2018

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Grow lights are great for houseplants as well as seed-starting, especially if you want a head-start on the growing season.

During the winter months (and early springtime), it can be hard to give seedlings the light they would normally get. If you want to ensure rapid, healthy growth of your seedlings after germination, then using grow lights to ensure stocky, vigorous seedlings.

In this video, we identify which plants benefit from starting indoors, and explain how grow lights can be used to improve the health of these young plants. We then demonstrate some easy steps to follow so that your plants receive all the benefits that grow lights can provide.

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Seed germination

Have a tanning bed with top & bottom lights what about using it a little each day until ready to plant? It’s not like a brand new one ( not as hot) any input???

UV Light

While certainly an interesting idea, we would recommend against putting plants or seeds in a tanning bed. Tanning beds produce UV light, which is damaging to cells and is outside the wavelength of light that plants require to photosynthesize.

LED Grow Lights

I have been 'playing' with grow lights for years . . . The biggest drawback is always the cost of the bulbs or lighting system, and the cost of using them ! Because of a limited income, it is vital that I economize the best way possible. Since most of the simple light bulbs or set ups are in the $75- $200 range, it is just not feasable for me. So I started checking into LED Grow lights, and found you can buy a nice sized set-up [22"x10"] for under $40 ! THAT I can swing ! And the cost of using LED grow light is comparable to running a 30 watt light bulb. The Incandescent and fluorescent grow light compare to 100+ watt bulbs. So I save on the initial cost, and the power it takes to use them.
Because I miss fresh salads in the winter more than anything, not to mention the 'recall' on lettuce so often, this might be the best solution. I am currently experimenting with growing lettuce ( 4 varieties ) and spinach. growing it all in recycled eves troughs ( your suggestion for limited space container gardening ). I SHOULD be able to grow these greens, through to full maturity. Fertilizing is not a problem, since I have 'adapted' your 'weed fertilizer tea' to kitchen parings.
The one thing you did not mention when growing indoors, is that air really needs to circulate WELL to 'strengthen' the plants. Outdoors our gardens get a constant buffeting by breezes and even strong winds. I suggest turning a gentle fan on your seedlings and plants for a few hours every day to make them 'stronger'.
I continue to experiment . . . It sure would be nice to grow a natural garden indoors all winter long, inexpensively !
THANK YOU for ALL that you do, in providing information. The Old Farmers Almanac ROCKS !
Deeda : }

LED Grow Lights

The Editors's picture

We’re glad to hear that you’ll be using some of the techniques we’ve suggested! Let us know how everything turns out!

LEDs are a great alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lights for all the reasons you mentioned. Another positive is that they put off little to no heat, so you don’t have to worry about burning your seedlings. We’ll be trying our own indoor lettuce growing setup in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for a report on that!

Please don't only post videos

Please don't only post videos. I want to read the article, not watch it.


grow lights

The grow light stand featured in the video is not listed anywhere? What brand/model is it and where can it be purchased?

Grow lights

Just exactly what I needed to know without all the extraneous verbage & confusing directions. Thank you!!!

Grow light

Thanks so much for the video. it really helped me. I just purchased a grow light so am ready to start my seeds soon.

Growing Lights Video broke

Growing lights article is in video form and that video does not work. Please fix.


Not sure if they fixed it but it is working for me this morning 2 - 18 -17. I am on my laptop and just thought I would let you know that often videos don't work on my Kindles. Maybe it is the device you are on. I have no technology skills so don't know why some of these work and others don't but wanted to share my experience with you in case it helps.
Happy Gardening!


The Editors's picture

Hi Kay, The video is indeed working and has been tested across platforms, so this is probably related to the computer set-up. If you are using Chrome, it might be necessary to clear the cache which you do by going to the Settings menu (three dots icon) > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data and then restart Chrome.


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