Water Signs Explained: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

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Everything You Need to Know About Water Signs; What They Are, Their Traits, and Their Relationship With The Rest of the Zodiac

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Of the 12 zodiac signs, three are considered Water signs. In this guide, dive into the fascinating world of Water signs: what they are, their traits, and their relationship with the rest of the zodiac.

Element Signs

You probably already know there are twelve signs in the zodiac. These signs are based on your birthday. 

This is broken down into the four elements of nature—earth, air, fire, and water—each containing three of the 12 zodiac signs. 

While each zodiac sign shares similar characteristics, they’ll express the energy uniquely through the different aspects of nature. 

The four elements of nature. Credit: Tanya Antusenok

What Are The Water Signs?

These signs are known for their emotional depth, intuition, and sensitivity. They navigate life through their feelings, always trusting their instincts. Like the element they’re associated with, their emotions can be as calm as a serene lake or as turbulent as a stormy sea. When they learn to harness their emotions, they become powerful forces of nature.

  • Relationships hold a special place in the hearts of Water signs. They possess a unique ability to merge with a partner and are exceptional nurturers, a quality that can bring a sense of comfort and security to those around them. They are willing to go to great lengths for their loved ones as long as they are treated with kindness in return. However, if they experience heartbreak, these sensitive sea creatures can become deeply despondent. It’s hard for them to let go because they feel so deeply.
  • Water signs are highly perceptive, often sensing the emotions of others. This empathetic nature is a testament to their deep understanding and value for emotional connection. If you’re feeling down, they’ll quickly pick up on it and want to help. However, they must be mindful of not becoming too preoccupied with others’ feelings, as this could potentially lead to codependency and strain their relationships. Watery folks need to learn to care without carrying. When they are able to keep healthy boundaries, their relationships remain healthy.

Remember that even though Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces share these traits, they are communicated differently.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Credit: Art tori

The Three Water Signs

1. Cancer

Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means they like to take charge and initiate things. 

  • Because home and family fall under Cancer’s realm, you can often find them in positions of power on the home front. They’re excellent providers and will do whatever they can to create a secure nest for their loved ones. 
  • The Moon rules Cancer, a nod to their changeable moods and intuitive abilities. Most of them will admit to being moody. They can go from calm to sulky at a moment’s notice, often for no perceivable reason. When they feel vulnerable, they’ll close their shells around them and display their claws, like their symbol, the Crab. This is their way of protecting their soft insides. Once they feel the threat is over, they return to their sweet selves. 
  • Most Cancers enjoy having someone to care for. Whether a family or a menagerie of pets, they adore tending to their needs. Of course, they enjoy having someone fussing over them too. At times, they can be clingy. This is usually a sign that they do not feel secure. The best way to help them move out of this mindset is with a steady supply of reassurance. 
  • Lastly, Cancers have incredible memories. They never forget.

2. Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means they prefer a steady hand over the winds of change. 

  • There’s an element of stubbornness in Scorpio’s makeup. You cannot push them to do anything they do not want to do. Once their minds are made up, getting them to budge is hard. 
  • Like the other Water signs, Scorpios are emotional. However, they are more reserved when it comes to expressing their feelings. Instead, they’ll remain mum and expect others to know their feelings. When that doesn’t happen, they’ll assume the other didn’t care enough to dig in. The reality is they are a closed book, and only the trusted few will ever get a glimpse into what’s going on in their hearts. 
  • Winning their trust may take a lifetime while breaking it can happen instantly. Scorpios are loyal but have no trouble cutting ties if you don’t share the same level of devotion. While they can be volcanic when angry, coldness is the tell-tale sign of a complete break. Once they show indifference, it’s over. 
  • Like Cancer, Scorpio values security. Many achieve financial success through shrewd investments and strong earning capabilities. Scorpio is also the most psychic of all the Water signs. Even the ones that don’t claim to be psychic are highly perceptive and great at ferreting out information. Like detectives, they will get to the bottom of every situation in due time. You can’t fool them for long. 
  • They also have a reputation for being vindictive. There is some truth to this. Although they may not outwardly seek revenge, they enjoy watching their enemies receive their comeuppance. It may not be an admirable trait, but most seem unbothered by what other people think anyway.

3. Pisces

Pisces are tender-hearted souls, even if it’s not immediately apparent. They cannot stand to see anyone suffer, and you will make sacrifices for loved ones. 

  • Some Pisces have a savior complex, which means they’ll take in the strays of the world to save them. When it backfires, and the person doesn’t want their help, they are crushed. Yet, they quickly move on to the next situation where they can give. 
  • Because they are mutable signs, Pisces adapt swiftly. Their moods and modes change with the situation or company they keep. This can lead to a reputation for being flaky. While they can sometimes be unreliable, it’s never due to maliciousness. Instead, it’s their dreamy, romantic nature to blame. While the rest of the world is toiling away, their minds are in the clouds. 
  • Pisces can easily lose their heads in daydreams, especially when real life seems too hard to bear. In some cases, they can choose unhealthy means to escape. They should avoid overindulgence in substances, spending, or other addictive pursuits and face reality. 
  • Most Pisces possess artistic abilities. Some of the greatest songwriters and artists are born under this sign. Creativity flows through their veins, so even if they do not choose the artistic path, it will still appear in other ways. For example, they might be innovative in the kitchen or able to think outside the box at the office. 
  • Like the other Water signs, Pisces is highly intuitive. They have a strongly developed sixth sense, but if they are too emotionally invested in a situation, they might choose to ignore their instincts, often to their own detriment. They should pay close attention to their hunches, even if they seem far out.
The 3 water signs are easy to identify by aquatic symbols! Credit: Irina Yazdan Mehr

What Months Are Water Signs

  • Cancer: June 20 to July 21
  • Scorpio: October 21 to November 21
  • Pisces: February 18 to March 19

Water Element and Astrology

The Water element represents emotions. Like the Cups suit in Tarot, it’s associated with feelings, relationships, and intuition. Each water sign will be connected to these topics.

Relationships and Compatibility

Water signs are attracted to fellow water signs and Earth signs. Air and Fire signs intrigue them but can also be challenging.

Water signs + Water signs:
They can do well with their watery kin, provided one plays the adult role. When that happens, they can enjoy a profound connection unlike any of the other elements. Because their emotions rule them, they can open their hearts fully to each other. This creates the perfect conditions for intimacy, something Water signs need.

Water signs + Earth signs: 
Earth signs are a terrific choice because they are rock-solid partners. Water signs enjoy the security that Earth signs give, and Earth signs love Water’s ability to love deeply. This combo can bring lasting love and a genuine connection. Both help the other to grow.

Water signs + Air signs: 
Air signs attract Water signs because they are changeable and mentally stimulating. However, after a while, their easy-breezy attitude gets on Water sign’s nerves. When Air signs are off to the next thing, they can whip Water signs into a frenzy. Once that happens, it’s hard to calm them down. But Air signs are too busy with their newest interests to notice.

Water signs + Fire signs: 
Fire signs bring the heat to warm Water signs’ souls, so there is plenty of sizzle between these two. Fire appreciates Water’s ability to merge and bring depth. However, Fire signs can be tempestuous, and when you combine that with Water sign’s tendency to be emotional, things can quickly turn volatile. Fire makes Water boil in those cases - but Water can also put out the Fire once they’re sick of the drama.

Water signs are mystical, magical, emotional, and deep. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and teach the world it’s okay to feel.

Now, see the three Earth signs.

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