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Cancer Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality Traits, and More

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Tenacity and Protection: A Complete Guide to the Cancer Zodiac Sign

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Do you have a Cancer in your life? Perhaps you are a Cancer? Cancerians are symbolized by the crab, a creature with a hard shell and soft underbelly. This reflects the duality of Cancer’s personality: they are tough and protective on the outside but nurturing and emotional on the inside. Learn more about Cancer’s personality and compatibility.

The Cancer Zodiac Sign at a Glance
DatesJune 21-July 21
CompatibilityMost compatible with Taurus and Pisces
Personality TraitsNurturing, Protective, Emotional, Determined, Intuitive
SymbolCrab ♋

What are the Cancer Dates?

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Cancer. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this sign between June 21 and July 21. If your birthday falls in this date range, you have a Cancer Sun Sign.

The Zodiac Sign of Cancer spans the 90th to 120th degree of celestial longitude.

Cancer Signs

The symbol of the Cancer Zodiac Sign is usually the crab and its claws. Sometimes, you may see the crab sign symbol depicted as a sideways “69” to represent crab claws or a woman’s breast.

Cancer, the water sign symbolized by the crab, is a creature of both strength and sensitivity. Ruled by the emotional Moon, Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They possess a deep well of intuition, allowing them to understand others’ feelings and their own.  Like the crab’s hard shell, Cancers project a protective exterior, but within lies a nurturing and caring soul. This emotional depth can lead to mood swings, but their compassion and strong bonds with loved ones make them fiercely loyal friends and family members.

Cancer Personality

You are the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Zodiac. Family means everything to you. You watch over your brood with determination and zeal. You can be counted upon to be at every graduation, wedding, surprise party, or barbecue that has anything to do with your relatives. They are definitely your tribe, and you are very generous with all of them.

Many of you have very strong careers, as you know that this is the best way to provide for your family. Others love being stay-at-home parents because who could care more about your children than you? You want to see them succeed and will do everything in your power to make that happen.

Home and family are so important to you that you are willing to submerge your own wants and desires for the good of your immediate group. Often quite ambitious, you seek to get ahead in order to provide the best for your loved ones.

Cooking comes naturally to you as you understand that nourishment is the key to good health. Chefs are among your ranks, as are nurses and doctors who take care of the physically disabled or ill. You are sensitive to the extreme and can always tell when something is wrong with one of your charges. Walking into a room full of depressed people instantly depresses you.

You like soft tones and low lights and prefer to allude to the things that you find difficult. You may have trouble being direct like your totem, the crab who sidesteps. This can lead to misunderstandings, so you need to find a way to be clear. Writing things may be a solution.

Interestingly, on July 4, 1776, there was not just one planet in Cancer, but four. Since we celebrate our birthday as a nation on this date, is it any wonder that we have trouble dealing with our issues?

As a partner or a parent, you are among the best. All those around you never have to wonder if you care because you show it repeatedly.

Cancer Personality Traits

  • Strengths: Nurturing and Caring, Highly Intuitive, Tenacious and Determined, Loyal and Protective, Creative and Imaginative 
  • Weaknesses: Overly Sensitive, Prone to Mood Swings, Can be Clingy or Possessive, Dislikes Change or Discomfort, Takes Criticism Hard 
  • Cancer Likes: Spending time with loved ones, Creating a warm and inviting home, Helping others, Exploring their creativity, Feeling secure and loved 
  • Cancer Dislikes: Conflict or arguments, Feeling insecure or rejected, Cold or impersonal environments, Change or disruption to routine, Deception or dishonesty

Cancer Astronomy

Cancer, the Crab, is a faint constellation best seen during summer nights in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s one of the zodiac constellations, meaning the sun passes through its path during the year. Despite its lack of bright stars, Cancer has a long history. Ancient Greeks mapped its stars centuries ago. 

Spotting Cancer can be a challenge. Look between the constellations Gemini and Leo. You’ll need a dark sky for the best view.  However, Cancer holds a hidden gem: the Beehive Cluster (also called M44). This cluster of hundreds of stars is visible to the naked eye under clear skies, earning it the nickname “Beehive” for its resemblance to a buzzing hive.

Cancer Compatibility

Most Compatible Signs

Taurus knows how to make you their one and only, and the back rubs are to die for. Pisces understands your sensitive nature and is always willing to listen to the tales of your day.

Compatible Signs

Scorpio can read your moods and will delve into the levels of emotions with you. Virgo will keep things organized and make sure that the rent gets paid.

Famous Cancers

Over the course of history, there have been a number of historical figures, politicians, musicians, and celebrities who were Cancers. These include:

  • Diana Spencer (Princess Diana)
  • Julius Caesar
  • Elon Musk
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Micheal Phelps
  • George W. Bush

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