Weather Folklore of the Day


A rainy wedding dayMakes the sky of marriage gray.

If it rains the day you wed,It is a sign many tears you'll shed.

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Last 7 Days

As many days from the first new moon, so many times will it thaw during the winter.

Dream of the Sun or sunrise and new adventures await you. Goodwill is yours, energy is coming your way, and fulfillment is in store.

Expect rain when you see spider webs floating in the air.

When the leaves show their under sides, Be very sure that rain betides.

Whistle when you want the wind to blow.

Whether anyone whistled for the small but powerful hurricane that hit from New Jersey to Maine in 1788 is anyone's guess. But if the same storm were to occur in the same place today, the damage would be far more extreme, given that the area is now so highly populated.

The three days of the change of the moon from the wax to the wane we get no rain.

If it is raining when a child is conceived, the baby will be a girl; if fair weather, a boy.

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