Beef Burgundy


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Organizing a potluck dinner is one way to enjoy good friends. I ask guests to bring a salad, bread, or dessert. I supply a no-fuss entree, such as Beef Burgundy. If I have time, I like to buy a variety of red and white wines for tasting and comparing.

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2 pounds boneless beef chuck, cut into 1-inch pieces
1/3 cup flour
1/3 cup olive oil
2 beef bouillon cubes
2 cups hot water
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 can (6 ounces) tomato paste
1-1/2 cups Burgundy
1/2 pound small white onions
4 carrots, finely chopped
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon dried thyme
2 teaspoons sugar
1/4 cup unsalted butter
1/2 pound mushrooms, sliced
Egg noodles or rice (optional)


Coat the beef with the flour. In a large pot, heat the olive oil. Add the meat and brown quickly over high heat. Transfer the meat to a slow cooker. Dissolve the bouillon cubes in the hot water. Add to the pot with the garlic, tomato paste, Burgundy, onions, carrots, herbs, and sugar. Stir gently. Cover and cook on low for 5 to 7 hours. Just before serving, melt the butter in a pan and cook the mushrooms until golden. Add them to the beef. Serve over egg noodles or rice, if desired. Beef Burgundy can be made the day before serving and reheated.


4 to 6 servings

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Where did the idea of adding

Where did the idea of adding sugar come from? I would never consider ruining a perfectly good savory dish by adding sugar. We don't need to pour on more calories any way.

The recipe comes from our

The recipe comes from our archives, which date back to 1792. Please adjust as you see fit.

Sugar is used in tomato based

Sugar is used in tomato based recipes to cut the acidity. Professional cooks do this all the time. Just a pinch is all you need and you won't even taste the sugar.

so true Smokey,esp when

so true Smokey,esp when cookinem.Fresh from the garden w/a touch of s/p always the best ! yumm...cant wait till Harvest !!

Just tryed this tonight and

Just tryed this tonight and it was so good. Cut it in half as it was only for the two of us. Diffently will make again Thanks

Always cook with a wine you

Always cook with a wine you like to drink.

 I agree!

 I agree!

Does this recipe use cooking

Does this recipe use cooking burgundy from the grocery or one you would find in the liquor store?

HI, Ann, Use burgundy wine

HI, Ann, Use burgundy wine available at liquor store and probably the grocery store as well. But no, not cooking burgundy. Thanks!

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