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Blackberry Jam

Blackberry Jam

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We love this jam on warm toast on frosty mornings.

Yield: 4 pints

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Start to Finish Time: 1-1/2 hours

  • 10 cups blackberries
  • 6 cups sugar

In a large soup pot over low heat, crush berries until soft.

Pass through a food mill to remove seeds. Return to pot and stir in sugar. Bring to a slow boil, stirring often, until sugar dissolves.

Raise heat to high and cook, stirring often, until mixture reaches 220º on a candy thermometer.

Pour into hot sterilized canning jars (leaving headspace), seal, and process for 20 minutes.

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I would like to know how many

By bev macfarland

I would like to know how many cups of blackberries are needed to make one 8 cup batch of cooked jelly?

I did this and it's been a

By Vicky Mabe

I did this and it's been a week and it's still runny. Hasn't thickened.

You can save your jam,

By Almanac Staff

You can save your jam, Vicky!
Pour all of the jam into a large pot and set the stove to high heat. Add in 1 tablespoon of powdered pectin as the jam warms up. Cook until the jam is visibly thickened. When your jam is at desired thickness, pour into prepared jars. You will need brand new lids. Process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

What does it mean to process

By chey

What does it mean to process in a boiling water bath??

In a boiling-water bath, jars

By Almanac Staff

In a boiling-water bath, jars of food (in this case, jam) are completely covered with boiling water and heated for a specific amount of time. This method is used to safely can tomatoes, fruit, jams, jellies, and pickles with high acid content.

I have tons of blackberries

By jproksel

I have tons of blackberries and have been looking for a good jam recipe and this one looks like it might be the one.

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