Best day to graft or pollinate

By Celeste Longacre



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These are the next five best days to graft or pollinate, based on the Moon’s sign.

Best days to graft or pollinate
Dec 22, 2018
Dec 23, 2018
Dec 24, 2018

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I am a tree grower and would

I am a tree grower and would like info on when are the best days each month to transplant trees. thank you.

When gardening by the Moon,

When gardening by the Moon, many people prefer to plant or transplant trees when the Moon is between full and last quarter (to focus on root development to help the tree establish). To find the times of the Moon phases in your area for each month, visit: and put in your zip code. Determine the best times, climate-wise, to plant in your area the particular tree that you are interested in. Then, working within those dates, find out the best time according to the Moon’s phase.


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