Best day to wean animals or children

By Celeste Longacre

Weaning Baby

These are the next five best days to wean animals or children, based on the Moon’s sign.

Best days to wean animals or children
Oct 31, 2021
Nov 1, 2021
Nov 28, 2021
Dec 2, 2021
Dec 19, 2021

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Bottle weaning for a 2yr old boy

My son turned 2 May 24th 2021 and I'm wanting to take the bottle away on July 31st. Do I do it cold turkey since he knows how to use a sippy cup already? My girls were so easy but my boy is so hard. Were trying bottle breaking and potty training and he isn't have either one but im wanting to have the bottle gone for sure. Any advice please.

Pacifier weaning

Tomorrow (7/27) is listed as one of the best days to wean. Do I take the pacifier starting in the morning or at night on 7/27?

Weaning a child from Breastfeeding

Hello, I have been slowly weaning my so . He’s 16 mo now. He nurses once during the day and 2-4 times throughout the night. I think mostly for comfort. He’s also getting his molars. How would you recommend I do the next stage of weaning? Every time I get closer to weaning completely, I get clogged duct. I also didn’t wean my other son, he stopped nursing right when my youngest was born. So, it’s been 3 and a half years of straight nursing. I’m ready to be done.


what is the best days to wean babies from pacifiers


need any suggestions on taking the pacifier from my 4 year old.

July 31

Was July 31 a good day for weaning?

Cold Turkey Weaning

Does this only work best for cold turkey weaning? Meaning, completely stopping all nursing or does it also work for slow weaning? Trying to cut out night feeding for example? I hope that makes sense.

Reply to cold turkey weaning

The only way to wean is cold turkey from bottle or pacifier. Now I always took the bottle away throughout the day first and only gave it when sleeping. But that was during the training to the sippy cup, once that was accomplished I found out when the signs were in the feet and took it. Give them a cup of milk and go for it. None of my 3 ever cried for their bottle. My daughter and niece and dnl also did the same with no issues. Even with pacifiers.

Are these days recommended

Are these days recommended for weaning off a pacifier, also?

Correct, These are the same

The Editors's picture

Correct, These are the same days.

my grand baby is 16 mo old

my grand baby is 16 mo old what is the best dau to wean off the bottls

I was wondering if there is a

I was wondering if there is a best day chart to begin to toilet train a child? I remember calling my Grandmother, who hung her almanac by the telephone, to ask her when to potty train my kiddos. She would look up something and tell us when. It worked! I am not sure if she based it on something else that correlated with it or not, for instance "wean animals or children". Would you happen to know? Thank you for your help! ~Gail McDermott

Hi Gail,  Potty training is

The Editors's picture

Hi Gail,  Potty training is indeed correlated with weaning. See our best days chart: We hope this is helpful! Best, your Almanac editors

wean animals or children

I also would like to know calendar chart that follow signs as head, chest, hips,knees and by the time it gets to feet going out and back to head baby is weaned, my grandpa and dad followed this chart on the farm everyday, worked for livestock and all our kids, it was the Farmers Almanac calender. Please help i can't find one?


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