Bird Sounds: House Wren

House Wren Calls

June 4, 2021
House Wren

The House Wren may be small and plain but it makes up for it with a loud bird song! You’ve probably seen this plain brown bird around your garage or backyard. Take a listen!

Here you can identify the sounds and bird song of the House Wren. Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Have you heard a House Wren? Add your comments below. Be sure to let us know where you live or where you’ve heard this bird sound before!

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Wren Family

Took the wreath off front door that they loved to build nests in after twice shooing them out of the living room! Now they have built their home in the grandkids little kitchen cupboard on the back patio for the past five years. Fun to watch the babies with the kids. But this year the nest was abandoned with three eggs left in it. I'm afraid of what happened to mama. We have a lot of hawks...

House Wren

Out skirts of Jim Thorpe Pa. Top of mountain. Landed on deckrail of my screen porch singing. Ate feast of rosie red maple moths off screen door. Then built nest in the top of my propane tank.

The Fidgety Wren

When I was a child and growing up on a small farm in south-central Ohio, there would be many of these little creatures hanging around. I remember my father having a seed spreader with a small bag attached. One late Spring day I went to the barn where the bag was hanging and discovered that a Wren had built a nest in the bag. As a child I watch the eggs hatch, the little ones get larger from the insects their mother brought each day, and then watched them fly off 3 weeks later. How many of our children see and love the ways of nature today?

So, Bertie is a House Wren

I discovered a nest in a tall flower pot on our patio under a geranium plant. The birds are hard working parents, feeding their babies throughout the day. They seem to like insects & worms, not birdseed. I named the mother Bertie. Thanks for the identification! Now we know that Bertie is a House Wren. The babies are growing quickly. Wondering when they learn to fly?

House wren

Put a birdhouse in my backyard maple tree. A wren has made its home in there. Found this site with the sound to identify the type of bird. Glad we could provide a home for the little fella

House Wren

House Wrens have made a home a small bird house in backyard maple tree. Love the song that goes on and on repeating through the day! (Carmel, Indiana)

House Wrens

We live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado July 3, 2018
We put up a bluebird birdhouse this spring and the wrens have taken it over! To watch them trying to get sticks into their new home is hysterical! Every inch is filled with sticks! If there are eggs in there we cannot begin to see them! Mamma bird is flying in and out more often! We are waiting patiently to see the family!

house wren chirping

we have a greenhouse that right now has become a winter home to two wrens.

never again will I use the phrase, "bird brain" without reverence. both birds have discovered how to come and go as they please by way of the louver that is open just enough to let air in so that the heater won't turn off.

we are now card-carrying members of a "mutual admiration society."

House Wrens in birdhouse on my deck.

Have a birdhouse on my deck that has been used by chickadees for past few years. This year the Wrens have taken over and have a houseful of noisy babies. Really cute and so musical. My grandchildren just love to watch and listen to them. I'm from Peterborough, Ontario- Aug. 9, 2017.

House wren nesting in my back yard

I've just discovered that the little brown bird nesting in one of my birdhouses is a house wren. Male and female are very attentive to their babies and are extremely protective of the nest if we are get too close.

House wrens nesting in our bird house on our back deck

We live in Stanstead, Quebec and we have house wrens nesting here for the first year of our 6 years here. I have recorded some songs from them on my IPhone. I play the songs back to them and they call back to me and come flying at me. They are going in and out of the house quite often now, so patiently waiting to get a glimpse of the babies!

House Wrens!

House Wrens have started using the "house" I bought for them. I live in Maquoketa, IA.

House wren sightings

I live in the Cleveland, OH area and have welcomed these feisty little birds to my garden every spring..have a family of them now in
nesting boxes I have outside my kitchen window..they greet me every morning!

House wren

I found a sound of one on my phone and the few I have in my yard came flying toward me as I played their song ! I love these little birds and now my son loves their songs as well and begs me to play their song on my phone so they come fly to us . Boston ma

House Wren

I absolutely adore house wrens. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting on the patio, drinking my morning coffee and listening to them. Can't wait until their return each spring. I live in North Central Indiana.

I look forward to early

I look forward to early spring when these little guys come back to look for nesting spots. I put out a birdhouse for them and they raise 2 broods in a pretty quick time. However this year I am trying to have bluebirds nest so I am not putting out the wren house, since they stuffed it up with twigs to make it unusable to other birds.

Wrens and Bluebirds

I have a large yard and have had bluebirds and wrens both in my houses. I think the little wrens may have chased the bluebirds off. I sure hope not. :-(

We are at our camp site in

We are at our camp site in west bend Wisconsin. A house wren has built a nest in our camper shaped birdhouse. It wakes every one up in the morning with its mating call, he is very loud!

The Wren is a frequent

The Wren is a frequent visitor to our bird feeders here in northeastern Oklahoma.