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Daily Calendar for Saturday, January 29, 2022

Question of the Day

I hear a lot about the Gulf Stream, but what exactly is it?
The Gulf Stream is an ocean current — like a river flowing through the sea rather than on land. The Gulf Stream moves northward along the east coast of the United States, across the North Atlantic Ocean, and then to northwestern Europe.

Advice of the Day

All glory comes from daring to begin.

Home Hint of the Day

Always keep your work area well ventilated when you are using solvents. Their strong odors can be dangerous unless accompanied by plenty of fresh air.

Word of the Day

An instrument that measures the loss of water by evaporation.

Puzzle of the Day

At what time of day was Adam created?
A little before Eve.


  • Thomas Paine (patriot) –
  • William McKinley (25th U.S. president) –
  • Anton Chekhov (author) –
  • Whitney Warren (architect) –
  • Vincente Blasco Ibanez (novelist) –
  • W.C. Fields (actor) –
  • Barnett Newman (painter) –
  • Victor Mature (actor) –
  • Katharine Ross (actress) –
  • Tom Selleck (actor) –
  • Ann Jillian (actress) –
  • Oprah Winfrey (television host) –
  • Judy Norton-Taylor (actress) –
  • Heather Graham (actress) –
  • Sara Gilbert (actress) –
  • Justin Hartley (actor) –
  • Adam Lambert (singer) –


  • Robert Frost (poet) –
  • Jimmy Durante (actor) –
  • Dick "Night Train" Lane (football player ) –
  • Harold Russell (received two Oscars for portrayal of wounded veteran in The Best Years of Our Lives, after losing both his hands in WW II) –
  • Joshua Miner (Outward Bound USA founder) –
  • Mary-Ellis Bunim (producer who helped bring television into the age of reality with The Real World and Road Rules) –
  • Larry L. McGraw (founder of Home Orchard Society) –
  • Rod McKuen (poet) –


  • Geologist William Edmond Logan became first Canadian-born knight–
  • Kansas was admitted to the Union as the 34th state–
  • Charles Steinmetz patented a system of distribution by alternating current.–
  • U.S. physician Emil H. Grube became the first to use X-ray treatment for breast cancer–
  • American Baseball League formed in Chicago–
  • Carl Taylor’s ice cream cone-rolling machine patented–
  • The Baseball Hall of Fame elected its first members–
  • Actor Paul Newman married actress Joanne Woodward–
  • Emily H. Warner became the first female pilot of a U.S. commercial airline–
  • 21-pound 8-ounce bowfin caught in Forest Lake, South Carolina–
  • Julio Cesar Chavez suffered the first defeat of his pro boxing career, losing his WBC super lightweight crown on a split decision to 32 year-old Frankie Randall in Las Vegas–


  • The β€œGreat Olympic Blowdown” windstorm struck the Washington coast, with winds up to 113 mph. Eight billion board feet of timber was destroyed in North Head, Washington.–
  • 62 degrees in Nampa, Idaho–
  • Fields full of snow rollers were sighted in Weld County, Colorado.–

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