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Daily Calendar for Monday, March 7, 2022

β€œOn this day, Great Lent begins in the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church; it always falls on the 7th Monday before Orthodox Easter. Also called Clean Monday or Pure Monday, this religious observance is a day of fasting and spiritual purification and reflection, similar to Ash Wednesday of the Western Church.

The first week of Great Lent is also called Pure Week. Great Lent lasts for 40 days and ends on Lazarus Saturday, the day before Orthodox Palm Sunday. The next week is Holy Week, and ends on Easter, the day of Christ’s resurrection.”

Question of the Day

How many gallons of oil are in a barrel?
A barrel of oil contains 42 gallons.

Advice of the Day

Thomas Jefferson washed his feet in cold water every morning to prevent colds.

Home Hint of the Day

If you can easily push a knife blade into the wood of a beam in your house, that wood has dry rot (caused by a fungus) and should be replaced.

Word of the Day

Apogean Tide
A monthly tide of decreased range that occurs when the Moon is at apogee (farthest from Earth).

Puzzle of the Day

Why are crows the most sensible birds?
Because they never complain without cause (caws).


  • Henry Draper (astronomer) –
  • Luther Burbank (horticulturist) –
  • Joseph Maurice Ravel (composer) –
  • Anna Magnani (actress) –
  • James Broderick (actor) –
  • Willard Scott (weatherman) –
  • Janet Guthrie (first woman to race in the Indy 500) –
  • Daniel J. Travanti (actor) –
  • Peter Wolf (musician) –
  • Franco Harris (football player) –
  • Bryan Cranston (actor) –
  • Ivan Lendl (tennis player) –
  • Wanda Sykes (comedienne & actress) –
  • Tiny Tymm (21-millionth Canadian) –
  • Rachel Weisz (actress) –
  • Jenna Fischer (actress) –
  • Laura Prepon (actress) –


  • The Earl of Aberdeen (Canadian Governor General 1893 - 1898) –
  • Ray Arcel (boxing trainer) –
  • Stanley Kubrick (film director) –
  • Paul Winfield (actor) –
  • Debra Hill (producer) –


  • Queen’s University held its first classes, Kingston, Ontario–
  • Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for his telephone–
  • Toronto Stock Exchange incorporated–
  • Dr. John Kellogg served the world’s first cornflakes to his patients at the Battle Creek (MI) Sanitarium–
  • First coin-operated locker patented–
  • The world’s first jazz recording was released by the RCA Victor Company–
  • President Woodrow Wilson authorized the Distinguished Service Medal to be given for outstanding service in the U.S. Army–
  • U.S. troops captured the key Remagen Bridge across the Rhine (WW II)–
  • Melvin C. Garlow became the first pilot to log more than one million miles in jet airplanes–
  • The Who’s Pinball Wizard” was released in Britain. It was the first selection from the rock opera β€œTommy” to be publicly aired”–
  • Comet Kohoutek was discovered by Czech astronomer Lubos Kohoutek–
  • Phil Mahre won alpine skiing’s World Cup championship. He was the third person to ever win three consecutive titles–
  • Major U.S. recording artists combined their talents and released We Are the World. Proceeds from recording sales were to be donated to African famine relief–
  • The Violent Femmes (an alternative rock band) played at Carnegie Hall–
  • At the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar for Best Director for Hurt Locker. It was the first time a woman won the award.–
  • Barefoot water skier, Fernando Reina Iglesias, set a new record. Towed by a helicopter off the coast of Mexico, he reached a speed of 153 mph.–


  • Brilliant nationwide aurora borealis–
  • This day was a day Iowans won’t soon forget. A major ice storm coated much of the state with two to three inches of ice. Seventy-eight downed utility towers along one 17-mile stretch cost three electric companies $15 million. The total damage from the storm was over $50 million.–

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