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Daily Calendar for Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Question of the Day

Where do all those recycled telephone books go?
Many are used to make things such as compact disc covers.

Advice of the Day

Brush the hair at least twice weekly and shampoo once a month. —The 1914 Old Farmer’s Almanac

Home Hint of the Day

To protect a new house under construction from termite infestation, especially in a forested area, install aluminum flashing fashioned to fit between the concrete foundation wall and the wood sill above it.

Word of the Day

Diurnal Tide
A tide with one high water and one low water in a tidal day of approximately 24 hours.

Puzzle of the Day

I am prepared either to scold or lie, according to the end you take me by.(What word fits the first clue, but when read backwards, fits the second?)
Rail - liar


  • David Ross Locke (journalist) –
  • George Bird Grinnell (naturalist) –
  • Upton Sinclair (author) –
  • Maxwell Perkins (editor) –
  • Red Auerbach (basketball coach) –
  • Anne Meara (actress) –
  • Donald Hall (poet) –
  • Sophia Loren (actress) –
  • Guy Damien Lafleur (hockey player) –
  • Ray Gozalez (poet) –
  • Gary Cole (actor) –
  • Kristen Johnston (actress) –
  • Spencer Locke (actress) –
  • Harley (giant anteater, Caldwell Zoo, Texas) –


  • Jacob Grimm (folklorist) –
  • Benny Baker (comedian) –
  • Jule Styne (songwriter) –
  • William Rosenberg (founded Dunkin Donuts chain) –
  • Polly Bergen (actress) –


  • Navigator Ferdinand Magellan left SanlΓΊcar de Barrameda, Spain, for Spice Islands–
  • Slave trading abolished in Washington, D.C.–
  • Elisha Otis sold his first elevator–
  • Frank Schuman patented wire safety glass–
  • Billie King defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis match in Houston, Texas, billed as the Battle of the Sexes–
  • Cal Ripken, Jr. took the day off for the first time in 16 years and ended baseball’s ironman streak at 2,632 games–


  • The Adirondack Tornado traveled 275 miles, starting over Lake Ontario, moving through New York State, and ending as a waterspout on Lake Champlain–
  • 4.88 inches of rain drenched Berne, Indiana–
  • Snow and 28 degrees F in St. Johsbury, Vermont–
  • Frost in Dublin, NH–
  • Peoria, Illinois, had its first summer freeze on record–

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