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Daily Calendar for Wednesday, November 23, 2022


  • Franklin Pierce (14th U.S. president)
  • Jose Clemente Orozco (painter)
  • Boris Karloff (actor)
  • Harpo Marx (comedian & actor)
  • Bruce Hornsby (musician)
  • Dominique Dunne (actress)
  • Robin Roberts (broadcast journalist)
  • Jonathan Papelbon (baseball player)
  • Miley Cyrus (actress & singer)
  • Jordan Fry (actor)


  • Walter Reed (American pathologist)
  • Roald Dahl (author)
  • Roy Acuff (country music singer)
  • Larry Hagman (actor)


  • Horseshoe manufacturing machine patented
  • The water level in Lake Merced in California dropped 30 feet
  • The Intercollegiate Football Association formed
  • The first jukebox was installed in the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco
  • The first issue of LIFE debuted
  • U.S. Coast Guard Women’s Reserve (SPARs) authorized
  • Food rationing ended
  • Newsman Dan Rather announced he would step down in March as the anchor of the CBS Evening News after nearly a quarter-century in the job


  • Berlin, New Hampshire, received 55 inches of snow
  • -38 degrees Fahrenheit, Chinook, Montana
  • Yarmouth, Massachusetts, received 14 inches of snow
  • Strasburg, Connecticut, received 6.5 inches of snow

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