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Daily Calendar for Thursday, December 15, 2022

Bill of Rights Day honors the ratification of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which occurred on December 15, 1791. These laws protect basic human rights, including freedom of religion, speech, and peaceable assembly. Franklin D. Roosevelt first proclaimed Bill of Rights Day in 1941. Occurring on December 15 each year, it is a day for people to fly the U.S. flag and to reflect upon the significance of these amendments.

Question of the Day

Is there such a thing as a cold-air funnel?
Yes, it’s an official term for a funnel cloud or relatively small, weak tornado that can develop from a small shower or thunderstorm when the air aloft is unusually cold. This is a rare occurrence, and these funnels are much less violent than the usual tornado.

Advice of the Day

Instinct is the nose of the mind.

Home Hint of the Day

If the bars of your wooden clothes-drying rack leave brown stripes on your clothes, coat the bars with polyurethane.

Word of the Day

The state of Iowa may have received its name from a Native American word meaning β€œbeautiful land.”

Puzzle of the Day

Why are crows the most sensible birds?
Because they never complain without cause (caws).


  • Gustave Eiffel (architect) –
  • Betty Smith (novelist) –
  • Muriel Rukeyser (poet) –
  • Tim Conway (comedian & actor) –
  • Stuart Townsend (actor) –
  • Adam Brody (actor) –


  • Sitting Bull (Sioux Chief) –
  • Dick Stuart (also known as Dr. Strangeglove, baseball player) –


  • The Bill of Rights, first ten amendments to U.S. Constitution, ratified–
  • Fire at the U.S. Patent Office–
  • Philadelphia streets were first cleaned by a machine–
  • Battle of Fredericksburg ends in defeat of union troops by Confederate General Robert E. Lee (Civil War)–
  • Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Jefferson Memorial took place in Washington D.C.–
  • Gone With the Wind premiered, at Loew’s Grand Theater in Atlanta, Georgia–
  • Commemorative stamp depicting Echo I, world’s first passive communications satellite, issued by U.S. post office, D.C., 1960–
  • First rendezvous of two manned spacecraft, Gemini 6 and Gemini 7–
  • Venera 7 Soviet unmanned spacecraft landed on Venus–
  • Superman, starring Christopher Reeve, premiered–


  • An intense cold front swept the East Coast, dumping heavy rain on Louisiana and heavy snow on the Northeast–
  • Great Blizzard hit the Prairie provinces–
  • O’Hare Airport in Chicago was closed because of high winds and heavy snowfall–
  • Approximately 1.5 million homes and businesses in Washington and Oregon were without power after windstorms and heavy rains caused flooding, several deaths and closed two major bridges–

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