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Daily Calendar for Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Question of the Day

What does auld lang syne mean?
It means old (auld) long (lang) since (syne), or old long ago. It’s part of the Scottish and northern English dialects and comes from Old English.

Advice of the Day

When already-picked onions begin to sprout, plant them in a pot as you would any plant.

Home Hint of the Day

If you’d like to avoid a lot of stooping when fertilizing your plants, pour the fertilizer down a length of pipe to the base of the plant, where it will do the most good.

Word of the Day

A quick, rolling movement; a gallop. To boil with a continued bubbling or heaving and rolling, with noise.

Puzzle of the Day

Which chef in the kitchen wears the largest hat?
The one with the largest head.


  • Leonardo da Vinci (artist) –
  • Joseph McCarthy (U.S. senator) –
  • J. Edgar Hoover (Director of U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation) –
  • Walter M. "Wally" Schirra Jr. (one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts and the only man to fly in all three of NASA’s earliest manned spaceships) –
  • Jack Kemp (football player & politician) –


  • Dr. Benjamin Spock (pediatrician) –
  • Bernard Slade (television writer and playwright) –
  • Christine Baranski (actress) –
  • Kelly Gibson (golfer) –
  • Dwayne Johnson (actor) –
  • David Beckham (soccer player) –
  • Kyle Busch (race car driver) –
  • Sarah Hughes (Olympic gold medalist figure skater) –


  • Hudson’s Bay Co. chartered–
  • First provisional government in the Pacific Northwest approved, Champoeg, Oregon–
  • Good Housekeeping magazine debuted–
  • First U.S. kindergarten for the blind opened–
  • First drawing sent by radio across Atlantic–
  • Alcatraz Prison riots began–
  • Northern Dancer became first Canadian horse to win Kentucky Derby–
  • Ninety-one people killed in mine disaster caused by a fire at the Sunshine Silver Mine in Idaho–
  • The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial was dedicated, Washington, D.C.–
  • Tony Blair became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom–
  • Horse Mine That Bird won Kentucky Derby–


  • A tornado struck Port Royal Island, South Carolina–
  • Six tornadoes hit Scott County, Virginia–

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