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Daily Calendar for Saturday, May 13, 2023

Question of the Day

I am an actuary. Often people ask me about the origin of the word. Do you have an answer?
According to the dictionary, an actuary is a statistician who computes insurance risks and premiums. It comes from the Latin actuarius, β€œsecretary of accounts,” and acta, β€œrecords.”

Advice of the Day

Reputation is a large bubble that bursts when you try to blow it up yourself.

Home Hint of the Day

Put a coat of boiled linseed oil on window sash and sills before puttying. Putty on dry wood will lose its strength because the oil will be sucked out of the putty and into the wood.

Word of the Day

Rainbows are formed opposite to the sun by the refraction and reflection of the sun’s rays in drops of falling rain. The raindrops are responsible for the colors of rainbows. They break the sunlight up into the full spectrum of colors, each drop acting as a sort of miniature prism. Each color emerges at a slightly different angle on each raindrop. When millions of raindrops gather, the spectrum shows up as distinct bands of color — each with a different length. Red is the longest and violet the shortest band. The arc is most pronounced when the Sun is close to the horizon.

Puzzle of the Day

Why did the cow cross the road?
To get to the udder side.


  • Sir Ronald Ross (bacteriologist) –
  • Joe Louis (boxer) –
  • Ritchie Valens (singer) –
  • Stevie Wonder (musician) –
  • Darius Rucker (musician) –
  • Barry Zito (baseball player) –
  • Prince Carl Philip of Sweden –
  • Robert Pattinson (actor) –
  • Debby Ryan (actress) –


  • Cyrus Hall McCormick (inventor) –
  • Gary Cooper (actor) –
  • Derek Boogaard (hockey player) –
  • Dr. Joyce Brothers (psychologist) –
  • Doris Day (singer & actress) –


  • Apple trees in bloom, R.I.–
  • Velcro trademark was registered in the United States–
  • Pope John Paul II was shot–
  • A New Brunswick earthquake measured 3.9 on the Richter scale–


  • Sandstorm in New Jersey–
  • Grissom Air Force Base near Peru, Indiana, reported wind gusts of 136 miles per hour in a heavy thunderstorm–

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