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Daily Calendar for Sunday, May 21, 2023

Question of the Day

What is the origin of American football, and when was the first game played?
Football is an American version of English rugby. It was first played, on the college level, in 1869 — in a 6-4 victory of Rutgers over Princeton.

Advice of the Day

Add sugar to arrangements of larkspur and delphinium.

Home Hint of the Day

If you store firewood in the cellar, pour a concrete floor first. This will make for easy cleanup.

Word of the Day

To catch a crab
In rowing when a stroke of the oar either misses the water or digs too deeply.

Puzzle of the Day

What day of the week do chickens hate most?
Fry day.


  • Albrecht Durer (painter) –
  • Alexander Pope (poet) –
  • Henri Rousseau (painter) –
  • James Gladstone (first Canadian aboriginal senator) –
  • Fats Waller (jazz pianist) –
  • Raymond Burr (actor) –
  • Richard Hatch (actor, writer, producer) –
  • Mr. T (actor) –
  • Ashlie Brillault (actress) –


  • Hernando de Soto (explorer) –
  • Jane Addams (social worker) –


  • Windsor Agricultural Fair (North America’s oldest) founded, Nova Scotia–
  • Cyrus McCormick’s reaper patented–
  • American Red Cross founded–
  • The first U.S. speed limit law for motor vehicles (12 mph in the city/15 mph in the country) passed in Connecticut–
  • Aviator Charles Lindbergh completed the first nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic, New York to Paris–
  • Amelia Earhart completed the first solo flight by a woman across the Atlantic–
  • Robin Moor became the first U.S. merchant ship sunk by a U-boat–
  • Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were married–
  • World’s first nuclear powered light-house, Baltimore Light, went into operation, Chesapeake Bay–
  • Patti Frustaci gave birth to the first septuplets in the United States–


  • 124 degrees F in Salton, California–
  • Elkhart, Kansas, was struck by a dust storm–
  • Sleet and snow fell in northern New England–
  • An F2 tornado touched down in Hampton, New Hampshire–

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