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Daily Calendar for Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Question of the Day

Can I make my new copper weather vane look like an old one?
If you’re looking for that green-tint effect, an effective method is to bury the vane in a pile of manure for two weeks — but you may have some explaining to do to your neighbors.

Advice of the Day

Broad fingernails indicate a gentle, timid, and bashful nature.

Home Hint of the Day

To keep leather furniture supple, apply a good leather dressing (such as neat’s-foot oil or saddle soap) with a soft cloth. Let it sit for 2 hours or so, then wipe off any excess. For a glossy finish, apply a neutral shoe polish and buff.

Word of the Day

Relative humidity
The amount of moisture in the air compared to the maximum amount of moisture the air could hold at a given temperature; measured as a precentage of saturation.

Puzzle of the Day

The Golden State.(Name the U.S. state!)


  • Matthew Henson (explorer) –
  • Benny Carter (musician) –
  • Dustin Hoffman (actor) –
  • Connie Stevens (singer & actress) –
  • David Evans (The Edge, guitarist in the band U2) –
  • JC Chasez (singer) –
  • Drew Lachey (singer) –
  • Shawn Mendes (musician) –


  • Shirley Jackson (author) –
  • Louise Brooks (actress) –
  • James Irwin (astronaut) –
  • Barbara Bel Geddes (actress) –
  • Patricia Neal (actress) –


  • Performer Signor Guillermo Farini’s stilts got caught as he walked the rapids above Niagara Falls–
  • Thomas Edison received a patent for his mimeograph (an early paper copying machine)–
  • U.S. patent #1,000,000 issued for an improved vehicle tire–
  • Canada’s Hundred Days began, WWI–
  • The German airship Graf Zeppelin began an around-the-world flight–
  • Florence Chadwick swam English Channel in 13 hours 20 minutes–
  • The Glasgow to London mail train was stopped at Sears Crossing, and robbed of over two-and-a-half million pounds. The incident became known as The Great Train Robbery–
  • President Richard Nixon announced his resignation–
  • Garfield’s sidekick, Odie, made his comic strip debut–
  • Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley raised to the surface after 136 years on the ocean floor–
  • First red-footed falcon (Falco vespertinus) ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere spotted at Katama Airfield, Edgartown (Martha’s Vineyard), Massachusetts, by E. Vernon Laux–


  • Michigan received 6 inches of snow and slush–
  • Tornado touched down in Brooklyn, New York–

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