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Daily Calendar for Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Question of the Day

How fast can an average household cat run?
The domesticated cat can run at about 30 mph for a short distance — say, to the nearest bowl of tuna.

Advice of the Day

It is easier to drive nails through wood if they are first pushed through a bar of soap.

Home Hint of the Day

Remove oil or latex paint from glass by scraping it off with a razor blade. (To make the process easier, first soften the paint by wiping it with hot vinegar on a soft cloth.)

Word of the Day

Altostratus cloud
Grayish or bluish layer of clouds that can obscure the Sun.

Puzzle of the Day

The Land of Enchantment.(Name the U.S. state!)
New Mexico


  • John Locke (philosopher) –
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (author) –
  • Ingrid Bergman (actress) –
  • Isabel Sanford (actress) –
  • Charlie Parker (musician) –
  • Lord Richard Attenborough (actor) –
  • Joel Schumacher (film director) –
  • Michael Jackson (singer) –
  • Chris Hadfield (astronaut) –
  • Carla Gugino (actress) –
  • Chris Simms (football player) –


  • Christian Friedrich SchΓΆnbein (chemist) –
  • Brigham Young (Mormon leader) –
  • Earl Grey (Canadian Governor General 1904 - 1911) –
  • William Archibald Spooner (known for verbal inversions called spoonerismsβ€β€œ) –
  • Ingrid Bergman (actress) –


  • First Peppersass steam locomotive demonstration on the Mount Washington Cog Railway took place–
  • Althea Gibson became the first African American woman to compete in a national tennis tournament–
  • As Sen. Thurmond’s filibuster came to an end, he established a new record for the longest speech by one senator (24 hrs and 18 min.), and despite his efforts The Civil Rights Bill passed–
  • United States Air Force Academy opened in Colorado Springs, Colorado–
  • The Beatles perform their last tour concert, in San Francisco–
  • The Supreme Soviet suspended all activities of the Soviet Communist Party–


  • Hackberry, Louisiana, received 22 inches of rain in 24 hours–
  • A cold wave brought 2.5 inches of snow to the top of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington for an August record–
  • Hurricane Katrina devastated the coastal regions of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. More than 1,800 lives were lost–

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