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Daily Calendar for Thursday, September 28, 2023

Question of the Day

What should I do in the fall to care for my strawberry plants?
After a few freezes, cover the plants with four to six inches of straw or other weed-free organic mulch. If you have mild, wet winters, you can skip the mulch and use a floating row cover.

Advice of the Day

To avoid dying, don’t sing in bed.

Home Hint of the Day

Did you run out of brass polish? Substitute Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, or toothpaste.

Word of the Day

Sun Fast/Slow
When a sundial reading is behind (slow) or ahead of (fast) clock time.

Puzzle of the Day

There is a thing that nothing is, and yet it has a name; β€˜Tis sometimes tall and sometimes short; It joins our walks, it joins our sport; And plays at every game. (What is being described?)



  • Caravaggio (painter) –
  • Frances Willard (U.S. reformer) –
  • Kate Wiggin (author & educator) –
  • Avery Brundage (sports figure) –
  • Ed Sullivan (TV host) –
  • Al Capp (cartoonist) –
  • Syd Howe (hockey player) –
  • Alice Marble (tennis player) –
  • Brigitte Bardot (actress) –
  • Mira Sorvino (actress) –
  • Naomi Watts (actress) –
  • Hilary Duff (actress) –


  • Herman Melville (author) –
  • Harpo Marx (comedian & actor) –
  • Ferdinand Marcos (Philippine political leader) –
  • Miles Davis (musician) –
  • Pierre Trudeau (15th prime minister of Canada) –
  • Patsy Takemoto Mink (Hawaiian congresswoman) –
  • Elia Kazan (film director) –
  • Althea Gibson (American tennis player and golfer) –


  • Explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo of Portugal arrived at what is now San Diego Bay–
  • First photograph of a comet–
  • Grand jury in Chicago indicted eight players of the Chicago White Sox for throwing” the 1919 World Series”–
  • Hazel, based on The Saturday Evening Post’s cartoon by Ted Key, premiered on television–
  • 150th flight of the X-15 aircraft–
  • Little Joe, a 5-foot, 300-pound adolescent gorilla born in captivity, escaped from the Franklin Park Zoo in Massachusetts for a second time minutes before closing time. It also had escaped from its section of the Tropical Forest exhibit in August 2003–
  • An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0, near Parkfield, California, was felt from San Francisco to Los Angeles–
  • The U.S. government released the new $50 bills into circulation. The redesigned bill had splashes of red, blue, and yellow–
  • 437 people dressed as Superman set a world record in Calgary, Alberta–


  • The first of three early snowstorms hit the Northeast, where Hamilton, New York, received four inches of snow and Ashby, Massachusetts got two inches–
  • Astoria, Oregon, had a high temperature of 83 degrees F–
  • Waterspout formed near Smithtown Bay, New York–
  • Hurricane Ian hit the southwest coast of Florida as a category 4 hurricane. –

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