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Daily Calendar for Saturday, October 28, 2023

Native Americans named October’s Moon the Hunter’s Moon because it was the time to hunt in preparation for winter. Other tribes called it the Travel Moon and the Dying Grass Moon. See Almanac.com/moon-october for more information!


  • John Locke (philosopher) –
  • Abigail Adams (U.S. First Lady) –
  • Red Auerbach (basketball coach) –
  • Porter Wagoner (country music singer) –
  • Matthew Perry (actor) –


  • Francis Bacon (painter) –
  • Dr. Jonas Salk (discovered polio vaccine) –
  • Cleo Laine (singer) –
  • Joan Plowright (actress) –
  • Charlie Daniels (musician) –
  • Lenny Wilkens (basketball player, coach) –
  • Jane Alexander (actress) –
  • Dennis Franz (actor) –
  • Bill Gates (Microsoft founder) –
  • Lauren Holly (actress) –
  • Jami Gertz (actress) –
  • Julia Roberts (actress) –
  • Brad Paisley (country singer) –
  • Joaquin Phoenix (actor) –


  • Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba and claimed it for Spain–
  • Harvard College founded in Massachusetts–
  • The Statue of Liberty was unveiled in the New York Harbor–
  • The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor was dedicated by President Cleveland–
  • St. Louis police became the first in the U.S. to use fingerprinting–
  • The Jack Benny Show made its television debut–
  • Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature–
  • An X17.2 solar flare occurred that, at the time, was the third most powerful ever recorded–
  • The Boston Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies to win the World Series–
  • Mike Lowell of the Boston Red Sox was named World Series MVP–


  • Lander, Wyoming, received 27 inches of snow–
  • The temperature at Big Piney, Wyoming, plunged to -15 degrees F–
  • The Georgia mountains received five inches of snow–
  • Cyclone 05B in the Indian Ocean became a Category 5–

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