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Daily Calendar for Saturday, December 2, 2023

Question of the Day

What causes the leaves on my rubber plant to turn yellow?
Yellowing leaves on indoor rubber plants is a common problem. It is usually a sign of overwatering. Check your plant to make sure it has adequate bottom drainage to draw excess water away from the roots. If your plant has been in the same container for a long time, remove it and its root ball and loosen the bound roots. Remove some of the soil at the top of the ball, then transplant the tree in a larger pot.

Advice of the Day

A freshly cut tree can consume a gallon of water in the first 24 hours.

Home Hint of the Day

To discourage a cat from scratching upholstered furniture, give him a scratching post — 2 feet high and covered with carpet on a base large enough so that the cat won’t tip it over. Use scrap plywood and boards for a do-it-yourself project.

Word of the Day

Hail falls mainly in the summer. It forms in thunderstorm clouds, which can extend high into the atmoshpere where extremely cold temperatures prevail. When a cloud releases rain, the rain can be forced upward, where it freezes into tiny ice pellets. If updrafts keep buffeting the pellets, layer upon layer of frozen water will be added to the pellets until, finally, hailstones are released.

Puzzle of the Day

What do men never wish to be in and yet labor hard to possess?


  • Jean-Charles Chapais (statesman) –
  • Charles Ringling (circus owner) –
  • Charles E. Bennett (In God We Trust” promoter”) –
  • Julie Harris (actress) –
  • Lucy Liu (actress) –
  • Monica Seles (tennis player) –
  • Nelly Furtado (singer & songwriter) –
  • Britney Spears (singer) –
  • Aaron Rogers (football player) –


  • Jane Means Appleton Pierce (U.S. First Lady) –
  • Desi Arnaz (actor) –
  • Aaron Copland (composer) –


  • Touro Synagogue, oldest in the United States, was dedicated in Newport, Rhode Island–
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned French Emperor Napoleon I of France–
  • First T. Eaton Co. Santa Claus parade, in Toronto, Ontario–
  • Ambrose Small sold Canadian chain of theaters and disappeared the next day–
  • First controlled, self-sustained nuclear chain reaction–
  • The first televised human birth was transmitted on 49 NBC network stations–
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency began operation–
  • First unmanned landing on Mars, by USSR Mars 3–
  • Cowhide-made baseballs first accepted for use by Major League Baseball–
  • First pizza party in space took place on the International Space Station–


  • A late-season tornado killed four people in Illinois–

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