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Daily Calendar for Tuesday, December 19, 2023


  • Emily BrontΓ« (writer) –
  • Walter Williams (age 117: last known Civil War vet) –
  • Hope Lange (actress) –


  • Joe "King" Oliver (jazz musician) –
  • Fritz Reiner (conductor) –
  • Cicely Tyson (actress) –
  • Tim Reid (actor) –
  • Jennifer Beals (actress) –
  • Criss Angel (illusionist) –
  • Alyssa Milano (actress) –
  • Jake Gyllenhaal (actor) –
  • Marla Sokoloff (actress) –


  • Fictional Robinson Crusoe left island after 28 years. Daniel Defoe’s story is based on an actual person, Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor, who was found on an island where he had been stranded for 52 months. (He was rescued on Feb. 1, 1709)–
  • Mark Twain received a patent for suspenders–
  • The National Hockey League began its first professional season with four teams–
  • Robert Ripley’s column, Believe It or Not!, first appeared in The New York Globe–
  • The first known radio broadcast from outer space was transmitted when President Eisenhower’s recorded voice issued a holiday greeting for the whole world from the Atlas satellite which was launched the previous day–
  • New transatlantic submarine cable, CANTAT-1, between Britain and Canada (first link in a proposed around-the-world Commonwealth system) is inaugurated by a telephone conversation between Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Diefenbaker of Canada–
  • Intelsat III F-2 communications satellite launched–


  • Louisiana Purchase explorer William Dunbar wrote, β€œ… the e[a]ves of our cabin hang with beautiful icicles”–
  • The temperature at Yellowstone National Park was -59 degrees F–
  • It was so cold in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, that several children got stuck to their playground equipment and had to be thawed off. (It was -43F or -41.5C.)–

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