Daily Calendar for Friday, January 26, 2024

Question of the Day

My Christmas tablecloth left its flannel backing on my nice oak table. How can I remove it?
Apply mayonnaise liberally to the area. Let it soak in for one hour, then wipe it off with paper towels or a soft cloth. The theory here is that greasy stuff can counteract sticky stuff.

Advice of the Day

It’s not clever to be always wise.

Home Hint of the Day

To salvage a Formica countertop with a chipped edge, cover the edge with stainless steel edging (available at home centers). Do not get aluminum edging; it’s likely to make a black streak on any clothing that touches it.

Word of the Day

An instrument used for measuring the water vapor content of the air.

Puzzle of the Day

State nicknames: What state is the Keystone State? Beehive State? Wolverine State? Nutmeg State? Sooner State?
Keystone: Pennsylvania; Beehive: Utah, Wolverine: Michigan: Nutmeg: Connecticut; Sooner: Oklahoma.


  • Joseph Brown (inventor) –
  • Julia Dent Grant (U.S. First Lady) –
  • Mary Elizabeth Dodge (author) –
  • Elisabet Ney (sculptress) –
  • Douglas MacArthur (army officer) –
  • Sean MacBride (Irish statesman; awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace for his human rights work) –
  • Maria Augusta von Trapp (musician) –
  • Phillip Jose Farmer (author) –
  • Anne Jeffreys (actress) –
  • Paul Newman (actor) –
  • Richard Keith Downey (agricultural scientist) –
  • Bob Uecker (baseball player & actor) –
  • Gene Siskel (movie critic) –
  • Eddie Van Halen (musician) –
  • Anita Baker (singer) –
  • Ellen DeGeneres (comedienne & actress) –
  • Wayne Gretzky (hockey player) –


  • Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (U.S. vice president) –
  • Paul "Bear" Bryant (football coach) –
  • Adella Wotherspoon (the last survivor of one of the deadliest disasters in New York history— the burning and sinking of the steamboat General Slocum in June 1904. She died at age 100, the youngest survivor having become the oldest) –
  • Robert Hegyes (actor) –
  • Cloris Leachman (actress) –


  • First settlers, including 717 convicts, arrived at Sydney, Australia–
  • Michigan admitted as the 26th state of the Union–
  • U.S. Congress established Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado–
  • Temple Beth Israel of Meridian, Mississippi, became the first Jewish congregation to allow women to perform functions of a rabbi–
  • Canadian Coast Guard officially established–
  • The Dukes of Hazzard made its television debut–
  • Raiders became the first to play in four separate decades of Super Bowls–


  • Destructive tornado hit factory in Pottsville, Pennsylvania–
  • Columbia River froze at Fort Vancouver, Washington–
  • The Ohio River was 28 feet above flood stage in Cincinnati, Ohio–
  • Midwest blizzard caused drifts up to 15 feet high–

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