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Daily Calendar for Monday, March 18, 2024

β€œOn this day, Great Lent begins in the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church; it always falls on the 7th Monday before Orthodox Easter. Also called Clean Monday or Pure Monday, this religious observance is a day of fasting and spiritual purification and reflection, similar to Ash Wednesday of the Western Church.

The first week of Great Lent is also called Pure Week. Great Lent lasts for 40 days and ends on Lazarus Saturday, the day before Orthodox Palm Sunday. The next week is Holy Week, and ends on Easter, the day of Christ’s resurrection.”

Question of the Day

I have a sick bonsai tree and need help.
We’re out of our depth when it comes to discussing bonsai, so we can offer just the basics. Watering depends very much on the type of bonsai, but as a general rule, water once a day for a well-drained pot. The appearance of liverwort on the soil means either poor drainage or overwatering. Dry soil and brown moss are signs of underwatering. Fertilizer should be used sparingly. Check the wiring on the tree and remove it before it starts biting into the bark. We suggest checking the Internet for more information. There should be expert sources out there to help you.

Advice of the Day

Remove felt-tip ink stains from kitchen counters by rubbing them with alcohol.

Home Hint of the Day

Sometimes the tiny screws on your glasses won’t stay tight. Unscrew them, dab with a drop of shellac or super glue (available at hardware stores), and put them back in. Tighten the screws firmly, and they shouldn’t come loose again.

Word of the Day

Right ascension
The celestial longitude of an object in the sky, measured eastward along the celestial equator in hours of time from the vernal equinox; analogous to longitude on Earth.

Puzzle of the Day

Why is a star like an old barn?
Because there are r-a-t-s in both.


  • John C. Calhoun (7th U.S. vice president) –
  • Grover Cleveland (22nd and 24th U.S. president) –
  • Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov (composer) –
  • Rudolf Diesel (inventor) –
  • Tristram Coffin (writer) –
  • Robert Donat (actor) –
  • Herman Tarnower (physician) –
  • Wesley Buchele (American agricultural engineer ) –
  • Peter Graves (actor) –
  • George Plimpton (author) –
  • John Updike (author) –
  • Charley Pride (singer) –
  • Wilson Pickett (singer) –
  • Kevin Dobson (actor) –
  • Ingemar Stenmark (skier) –
  • Mike Rowe (television host) –
  • Vanessa Williams (actress) –
  • Bonnie Blair (speedskater, Olympic gold medalist) –
  • Queen Latifah (singer & actress) –
  • Dane Cook (comedian) –
  • Adam Levine (musician) –
  • Lily Collins (actress) –


  • Louis Bromfield (author) –
  • Eric Fromm (author) –
  • Maude Farris-Luse (died at 115 years, 56 days) –
  • Alonzo Decker, Jr. (turned tool manufacturer Black & Decker into corporate giant) –
  • Natasha Richardson (actress) –
  • Fess Parker (actor) –


  • British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act–
  • Congress of the Confederate States of America adjourned for the last time–
  • Telephone communication established between London and the Continent–
  • Mahatma Gandhi sentenced to six years in jail after his first civil disobedience campaign against British rule in India–
  • First electric razor marketed–
  • The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states must supply free legal aid to indigent clients charged with serious criminal offenses–
  • Russian cosmonaut Aleksei A. Leonov became the first man to float freely in space, on a lifeline attached to Soviet spacecraft Voskhod–
  • Fourteen NATO members (all except France) expressed their support for the North Atlantic Treaty and the principle of military integration–
  • The tanker Torrey Canyon was wrecked near Cornwall, England, and discharged more than 31,000,000 gallons of crude oil–
  • U.S. postal workers went on strike–
  • Most Arab oil companies ended oil embargo against U.S.–
  • Capital Cities Communications, Inc., announced the purchase of American Broadcasting Companies for $3.5 billion–
  • Fleet Financial Corp. and Norstar Bancorp swapped stock in a $1.3 billion merger–
  • Daylilies return to Earth on space shuttle Discovery–
  • Largest art theft in the United States at the time ($500 million) occurred in Isabella Steward Gardner Museum in Boston–
  • Sumatran tiger born, Sacramento Zoo, California–


  • Great Tri-State Tornado: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana - most deadly in U.S. history - killed 695 people–
  • Flooding worsened when more than 6.27 inches of rain (and 4.05 inches the next day) fell in Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire–
  • Over 9 inches of rain caused severe flooding in the Catskill Mountains in New York–
  • A haboob rose up to 1,000 feet high and 200 miles wide across western Texas and New Mexico–
  • NOAA announced that February 2019 was the world’s 5th warmest February since 1880–

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