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Daily Calendar for Thursday, March 28, 2024

Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter. On this day, Christians recall Jesus’ final Passover meal—which we now call the Lord’s Supper—at which he washed the feet of His disciples, demonstrating his humility to value others above himself. He then commanded them to do the same for each other. “Maundy” is a shortened form of mandatum (Latin), which means “command.” It was on the next day, Good Friday, that Jesus was crucified. Today is also a holy day for those who serve as clergy for they often renew their ordination vows, recommitting themselves to service.

Question of the Day

What exactly is a “kosher” dill pickle?
Kosher is from a Hebrew word meaning “right,” “proper,” or “fit.” It is usually applied to food, especially to meat that has been slaughtered and prepared according to the prescribed manner. Kosher salt is not treated with additives and is as close to pure solar salt as you can get. If you taste a kosher dill pickle, you’ll know it’s been prepared the best possible way.

Advice of the Day

A fault denied is twice committed.

Home Hint of the Day

Before you paint, ventilate. Keep a window or outside door open in the room you are painting to avoid breathing noxious fumes.

Word of the Day

Moon rides High/runs Low
The Moon is highest above or farthest below the celestial equator.

Puzzle of the Day

I am a word of four letters; in me may be found a verb, an animal, a viscid liquid, a science, a conjunction, and a preposition.
Star - sat - rat - tar - art - as - at


  • William Byrd (satirist)
  • August Anheuser Busch Jr. (brewer)
  • Rudolf Serkin (pianist)
  • Marlin Perkins (zookeeper)
  • Nelson Algren (novelist)
  • Edmund Muskie (politician)
  • Freddie Bartholomew (actor)
  • Dianne Wiest (actress)
  • Reba McEntire (country singer)
  • Vince Vaughn (actor)
  • Julia Stiles (actress)
  • Lady Gaga (entertainer)


  • Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th U.S. president)
  • Maria von Trapp (singer)
  • Eugene Ionesco (playwright)
  • Peter Ustinov (actor, playwright, novelist, & director)
  • Art James (television game show host and announcer)
  • Richard Griffiths (actor)
  • James Noble (actor)
  • Peggy Fortnum (illustrator)


  • Cat eating condemned by England’s Richard II
  • The U.S. Senate voted to censure President Jackson for the removal of federal deposits from the Bank of the U.S.
  • First world weightlifting championships held in London
  • Emma Goldman gave a shocking speech (on contraception) to an audience in NYC. She was arrested and given a choice of paying a $100 fine or going to jail for 15 days. She chose jail
  • Mary Pickford married Douglas Fairbanks
  • U.S. and U.N. officials signed an agreement permitting the U.N. to issue its own postage stamps
  • Tsunami struck Port Alberni, British Columbia
  • The rock musical Hair opened at the Biltmore Theater in New York City
  • Basketball’s Wilt Chamberlain played his last professional game. In 14 years, 1,045 games, he never fouled out of a game
  • Rocky, starring Sylvester Stallone, won the Academy Award for Best Picture
  • Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in southeastern PA seriously malfunctioned, raising fears of a meltdown of the reactor’s core, causing the evacuation of thousands and creating widespread concern about the safety of such facilities
  • El Chichon volcano in Mexico began series of eruptions, killing and injuring hundreds
  • Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii, erupted
  • Russian President Boris Yeltsin claimed victory after surviving attempts by the Russian Congress to depose him
  • A major earthquake struck off the west coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island
  • Around 6:15 a.m. EDT, a fireball was seen in the northeastern United States


  • The Ottauquechee River reached its highest level since 1869 at Woodstock, Vermont
  • The earliest ice out of Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H., on record
  • Twenty-two tornadoes spotted in the Carolinas

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