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Daily Calendar for Saturday, April 27, 2024

Question of the Day

When something is done in secret or on the sly, it is said to be done β€œon the Q.T.” Where did this originate, and what does Q.T. mean?
It’s simply an abbreviation of the word quiet. In the late 1800s, quiet came to mean β€œclandestine,” or β€œsecretive” (e.g., β€œI’d like to have a word with you on the quiet.”). Sometime later, it was reduced to the slang β€œQ.T.”

Advice of the Day

To help you have more energy, wear red.

Home Hint of the Day

In the spring, give your lawn a good brisk raking, then reseed any bare spots. Lightly mulch reseeded areas with peat moss or grass clippings.

Word of the Day

The letters signified by the signal ( … – … ) prescribed by the International Radiotelegraphic Convention of 1908 for use by ships in distress. SOS was chosen as the universal distress signal because this combination of three dots followed by three dashes followed by three dots (…–…), was easy to send and easily recognized, especially since they were usually sent as a nine-character signal, which stood out against the background of three-character Morse Code letters. The letters themselves are meaningless. SOS does not stand for Save Our Souls, Save Our Ship, Stop Other Signals, or Sure Of Sinking.

Puzzle of the Day

What did they wear at the Boston Tea Party?


  • Ferdinand Magellan (explorer) –
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson (poet) –
  • Julius Sterling Morton (Arbor Day founder) –
  • Edward R. Murrow (broadcast journalist) –
  • Ruth Handler (co-founded Mattel and created Barbie) –


  • Samuel Morse (inventor) –
  • Ulysses S. Grant (18th U.S. president) –
  • Rogers Hornsby (baseball player) –
  • Coretta Scott King (civil rights leader) –
  • Sheena Easton (singer) –
  • Chris Carpenter (baseball player) –
  • William Moseley (actor) –


  • Astronomer John Russell Hind discovered a new variable star in Ophiuchus –
  • Steamboat Sultana exploded on the Mississippi River near Memphis, Tennessee–
  • A hearing aid was patented by F. D. Clarke and M. G. Foster–
  • Fourth modern Olympic games opened in London, England–
  • U.S. Soil Conservation Service established by Congress–
  • Babe Ruth Day–
  • Expo β€˜67 was officially opened in Montreal, Quebec, by Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson–
  • L. Patrick Gray resigns as acting director of the FBI due to the Watergate fiasco–
  • Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane, successfully took off on its maiden flight–
  • Oh Eun-sun from South Korea became the first woman to scale the world’s 14 highest mountains–
  • An odd green light shot across the night sky in southern California. Experts concluded that it likely was a meteor.–


  • The temperature in New York City reached 92 degrees F–
  • Pahala, Hawaii, reached 100F (37.8C), which, at the time, was the highest temperature ever recorded for the state–
  • Ninety-four degrees F, Hartford, CT–
  • 27 inches of snow fell in a 24-hours in Minot, North Dakota–
  • Downtown Los Angeles hit 102 degrees F, shattering the April 27 mark of 94 degrees F set in 1881–

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