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Daily Calendar for Monday, June 3, 2024

Question of the Day

Should I store coffee beans in the freezer to keep them fresh?
The most important thing in coffee bean storage is to keep out air and moisture, so be sure to store your beans in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Freezing becomes necessary if you are not likely to use your beans quickly. For freezing, store them in freezer bags. You can grind the beans in their frozen state.

Advice of the Day

A dripping June brings all things in tune.

Home Hint of the Day

To dry flowers, cut them at or just before their peak of bloom. Be sure to leave the stems long. Remove the foliage and hang the flowers upside down in a dry, dark place for several weeks, or until they’re dry.

Word of the Day

Alaska’s name comes from an Aleut word meaning β€œgreat land.”

Puzzle of the Day

The lamb trots about by a creature whose name read backward or forward is always the same.


  • Jefferson Davis (president of the Confederacy) –
  • Ransom Eli Olds (automobile manufacturer) –
  • Roland Hayes (tenor) –
  • Tony Curtis (actor) –
  • Allen Ginsburg (poet) –
  • Francis "Frank" Gouin (plant physiologist) –
  • Anderson Cooper (television journalist) –
  • Lalaine Vergara-Paras (actress) –


  • Johann Strauss, the Younger (composer) –
  • The Marquess of Lansdowne (Canadian Governor General 1883-1888) –
  • Pope John XXIII –
  • Ozzie Nelson (actor) –
  • Lew Wasserman (old time movie mogul) –
  • David Carradine (actor) –
  • Rue McClanahan (actress) –
  • Dr. Jack Kevorkian (pathologist known as Dr. Death” due to his role in assisting the suicides of terminally ill people”) –
  • Muhammad Ali (boxer) –


  • John Adams became the first U.S. president to live in Washington, D.C..–
  • The poem β€œCasey at the Bat” was published in the San Francisco Examiner–
  • The New York Times won its first Pulitzer Prize–
  • Ernest Poole became the first to win a Pulitzer Prize in the category of novels (now known as fiction)–
  • Baseball player Lou Gehrig hit 4 home runs in 1 game–
  • Astronaut Edward H. White II was the first American to perform a spacewalk” when he stepped outside of his spacecraft Gemini 4”–
  • The Royal Canadian Mint announced that nickel would replace silver in coins–
  • Sally Jane Priesand became the first American female to be ordained as a rabbi–
  • Frances Bay, James Cameron, k.d. lang, The Kids in the Hall, Steve Nash, and Daria Werbowy were announced as being inducted into the Canada Walk of Fame–


  • Early hurricane wreaked havoc along the Atlantic coast from June 3 through 5.–
  • Seattle received 1.42 inches of rain within 24 hours, a June record–
  • Flood caused major devastation in Pueblo, Colorado–
  • Golfball-size hail fell in northeast Colorado–

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