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Daily Calendar for Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Question of the Day

How should I cut the roses from my blossoming bushes?
When cutting roses that will be part of an in-house bouquet, cut as little of the stem as possible. It takes about six healthy leaves to make enough food to produce an average rose blossom, so you want to preserve as many leaves on the stem as you can.

Advice of the Day

When folly is bliss, β€˜tis ignorance to be otherwise.

Home Hint of the Day

Before using the cooking stove in a summer house for the first time each season, check it over thoroughly. Mice sometimes nest in the drawer at the bottom of the stove.

Word of the Day

The fear of fog or clouds

Puzzle of the Day

What bird is that whose name represents nothing, twice yourself, and fifty? (Hint: Think letters.)
Owl (O-U-U-L)


  • King George III (British monarch) –
  • Tom Longboat (runner) –
  • Dennis Weaver (actor) –
  • Dr. Ruth Westheimer (sex therapist, author) –
  • Bruce Dern (actor) –
  • Robert Fulghum (author) –
  • Joyce Meyer (writer) –
  • Michelle Phillips (singer & actress) –
  • Noah Wyle (actor) –
  • Angelina Jolie (actress) –
  • Evan Spiegel (American businessman) –


  • Giacomo Casanova –
  • Reinhard Heydrich (Nazi leader) –
  • Dorothy Gish (actress) –


  • The Sierra Club was organized in San Francisco, California–
  • Henry Ford took his car out for a trial drive around the streets of Detroit–
  • Ernest Poole first to win Pulitzer Prize for novel–
  • Battle of Midway begins, leading to a great American Naval victory over Japan during WWII–
  • Hockey player Gordie Howe retired at age 52–
  • Tiananmen Square massacre–
  • Eric Ozolins caught a 13-foot-long hammerhead shark, with a girth of 80 inches, off the coast of Padre Island in Texas. The shark was then released.–


  • Early-season hurricanes wrecked ships from Cuba to New England–

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