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Capricorn Zodiac Sign

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What is the personality of a Capricorn? With whom is Capricorn compatible?

Catherine Boeckmann
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Are you a Capricorn or is a loved one a Capricorn? The tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Capricornus, Capricorn’s symbolized by the horned goat. Under the tropical Zodiac, the Sun transits this sign between approximately ‎December 22 to January 19.

You are the achievers of the Zodiac. You know at a very young age that society has levels and you do not want to be stuck at the bottom. This makes you quite a serious child. You study. You watch. You learn. You put in that extra time on the homework that allows you to excel in the classroom. You intuitively know that you want a career and not just a job. Others may find you to be overly serious but you understand that the game has winners and losers and you want to come out on the top.

You are extremely responsible and can be counted upon to do what you say you will. Because you want to do it well, you analyze the pieces and study how they can best be put together. Friends trust you and they come to see you with their questions. You always have the answers.

You are almost single-mindedly focused on having a title and you allow nothing to get in your way until you do. You want your friends and neighbors to be able to say, “____(You) are a ____(career title).”

Once you have achieved this goal, you lighten up considerably. With your name on the door of the corner office, you begin to seek out some fun. Your wit is dry and you have a deep appreciation for things that are truly well made. You seek out hand crafted furnishings and prefer superior entertainments whether in movies, books or music. Ticky tacky will never suffice.

Culture is very important to you and you will always treat your guests to the best table settings when hosting a dinner party. You choose quality name brands over the ones currently in vogue as you know they will pass the test of time.

Best matches for you: With Virgo the two of you can build an empire as you are both well aware that the details make the difference. Taurus will help to keep you grounded and provide you with culinary delights.

Good matches for you: Scorpio wants the same things out of life and will also strive to excel. Pisces will help you leave your troubles at the office by providing a soft landing for you.

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